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No Picture Available
Age: ?
Race: Reploid
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown

Fortissimo is AKA Forte AKA Bass, probably made by a Dr. Wily, but not the one in the Cleft.

He had some kind of superiority complex but he got kidnapped by Jango and now nobody knows where the heck he is.

It's possible that the Immortals found what was left of him, then just rolled it all up in a katamari and made a star out of it, oops.

Jango Says:
Hi, Jango!
A sad excuse for a reploid. He carried on about strength and proving that he was the best, and yet, even after being imbued with my own might, failed miserably.

He willingly subjected himself to be taken apart and rebuilt into a warrior of my own design, but even his physialogical makeup was found lacking.

I haven't seen the pathetic wretch since I left him unfinished in my lab in the High Realm. I would have to assume that he escaped.
-- Jango
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