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Trixie Lulamoon
How can I prove I'm better than you if you're not even going to try?
Age: 24
Race: Pony: Unicorn
Status: Alive
Affiliation: PDF


As far as ponies go, this one looks particularly extravagant, with a starry dark-violet cape covering most of her bright azure coat and pale cornflower blue mane, clasped at her neck with a pale sapphire gemstone of impeccable translucense (but questionable quality). Greyish violet eyes peer out from behind curled eyelashes, her pale blue hair pouring from beneath a broad rimmed and tall conic hat, as dark and starry as her cape. Under her hat hides a spiral horn, the same color as her dazzling fur coat, around which one can occasionally spot a pale magenta glow. On her flank resides the image of a star-tipped wand, behind which is a flowing crescent of magical dust.


She is an ambitious showmare with a flair for the dramatic and just enough power to cause trouble. She is a talented stage magician and minor sorceress, but lacks the patience to take her powers further. Narcissistic and vain; she desires to be the center of attention, and will fabricate or exaggerate stories to make herself look better, yet she is also driven by a need to prove herself. However, if she finds her powers aren't up to a task, she's liable to make up some excuse to run away.


Trixie's MLP Wikia page (After the events of the Magical Duel with Twilight)

Trixie's pride had been wounded further by her defeat, her humbleness had been far too real for her liking. Her magic show was still a laughingstock after her previous defeat by Twilight, and she could hardly make a living between trying to rebuild it any odd jobs she found.

She began saving up materials, practicing with them and anything she could find to strengthen her abilities and bolster her reputaion as a showmare. Taking up throwing knives and other objects as part of her act, as well as developing a few ' spells' to wow her audience.

After learning that Twilight had fallen into a rift in ponyville, she silently rejoiced and returned, but her boasting got her in trouble once more, and upon an attempt to seal one of the rifts, she was sucked in to find herself streaking through the night sky over Viorar.


Cloak of Holding (Mad_Libs!): Obtained from (Proper Noun) at/during (Location/Event) when she was (age related or verbal phrase) and (short sentence to tie it all together), and she has had it ever since. (*Note: Any story she told you about how she obtained it would probably fake anyways.) Explanation: It is a magical item that can hold a great amount of items, though the items have to be obtained and put in there in the first place. No single object can be bigger than it would take to hide it under her cloak in the first place, and the wearer must be able to touch what they wants (though, with a little effort, unicorn magic counts as touching). Anything placed inside is set into a state of semi-stasis, which has a tendency to destroy the mind of most thinking creatures as they're left aware but cannot move at all. The gem clasp acts as a power source for the cloak and directly draws energy from the wearer to charge it, forcing them to reign in their abilities, but requires only a thought to draw any known object from within.

unicorn magic (telekinesis): While mostly short range, her magical grasp is a finely honed tool, and she practices it as often as she can, in full view of others whenever possible. In battle, she often uses it to launch daggers.

Quiet aura: She is capable of hiding the use of her aura on an object, making it appear to act on its own. She cannot, however, dim the aura on her horn; hence why she can usually be found wearing a witch's hat while performing.

Show Magic: She is capable of showy feats of magic, half of which is simple yet carefully placed prestidigitation, however she also has a tendency to combine that and her telekinesis to great effect.


(an incomplete list of examples in no particular order)

  • Water Snake: She coalesces water into a brass bowl, filling it in a matter of moments, dragging it out to coil through the air like a serpent, before sending the stream of water rushing at her target.
    • Icicle: Using a bead as a focus, she quickly condenses water around it, freezing it into a spike as the water drips down along it, before taking aim and launching it at her target.
  • Impulse: A bead slips from beneath her cloak, ice forming around it, attached at the end of a thin metal wire. She launches the projecile as her fur and cloak rise, crackling with potential energy, refocusing it all on the wire as the icicle hits her target, discharging a bolt of electricity down the metal path, incinerating it while delivering a nasty jolt to whatever was on the other end.
  • Pebble Shot: A multitude of pebbles, clods of dirt, and beads float out from beneath her cloak, swirling around her for momentum before launching forwards with volatile force.
  • Fireball: Drawing out a small chunk of porous wood, she ignites it and fires it at her target, the projectile splintering into flaming shards on impact.
    • Exploding Fireball: Drawing out a small cloth covered sphere, she ignites it with a quick spell before sending it speeding towards her target, where it shatters and ignites the fluid inside, turning it into a raging inferno.
  • Solar Burst: Igniting a ball made of compressed wood pulp and magnesium powder, the ball burns a bright white, almost bright enough to blind someone staring at it and, upon contact with a hard enough surface, shatters and flares in an instantaneous burst of heat and light.
  • Sphere of Darkness: She drops a smokebomb to cause a black cloud, manipulating the air around it to form it into a swirling oppaque sphere. (Mostly a defensive spell)
  • 1000 needles: Levitating a block of wood from her cloak, she forces her influence around it, splintering it in layers at a time which fly as a continuous wave of slivers toward her target.