A Journal Entry 1

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The Town of Truce

January 9 of the year 323

Dryad's Day

The trip to Truce was quite shabby in a sense, not in nature but in terms of mode of transportation. It was a quite frightening thing, sailing in a this huge boat with wood aged beyond dating and leaks so numerous one would lose track only minutes into counting them. Yet despite all these fallacies, that I am certainly not accustomed to, I found the sealife to be quite refreshing, in the sense that it was a new thing to me to experience.

Even though, I did find much to complain about, with the shortages of fresh water, or hard biscuits that became my main diet, I found the sea to be a source of solace. It didn't remind me of home, for there the waters were still and without life, and I think that's why I enjoyed the trip so much, it was a delving into routine, but also an escape from a rather troubling familiarity I have been diseased with.

I miss home, only because I know I can never go back.

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