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A bank is a place where players can deposit and withdraw money from their bank account.

Players have only one account, which can be accessed from any bank or ATM machine in the entire Cleft. In other words, deposits made in any bank can also be withdrawn from any bank.



Every player in the Cleft has a bank account into which they can deposit money to later withdraw. Depositing money in the bank serves two major purposes:

  • Only money that you're actually carrying with you counts against your weight limit.
  • You don't lose any banked money if you die.

Banking also has a minor downside:

  • Money in the bank can't be used to buy things.

Players can use the deposit and withdraw commands in a bank to make transactions.

The account command will show your carried wealth and the size of your bank accounts, even when you're not in a bank.

Banks do not grant any interest on deposits, nor do they charge any periodic fees.


A player can give a banker a pile of silver or gold, which the banker will convert into the other currency at a rate of 1 gold to 100 silver or vice-versa.

Bankers will scalp 5% when converting silver to gold. They don't charge anything for converting gold to silver.


Most major cities, like Truce and Viorar, have banks in them.

Many banks also have Lockers in them.


Technically, banks are not rooms; players may use banking functions in any room where there is a mob with the 'changer' act flag set. It would be weird to have a banker which wanders around, though.