Bean Valley

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Bean Valley
It's autumn
Source: Super Mario RPG
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 66-70
Linked: Yes

Bean Valley is in Fa'Diel, west of the Lorien Highlands.

There is some pretty fertile soil there.


Bean Valley has no recorded history. Some plants grew. Then they grew some more.


There isn't much to see here, but there is a rumor of a large beanstalk that seems to sprout at sunrise once in a while. Details on catalyzing the beanstalk are unknown.

Grate Guy's Casino

Supposedly there is a casino hidden around here somewhere, but it is incredibly hard to find, and also difficult to receive a membership.


On land, the only way out of Bean Valley is through it's east entrance into the Lorien Highlands. In the sky above, some house floats around. There is a rumor that you can get there by growing plants.


Some lakitus make their home in the trees and sky above Bean Valley.


Aggressive mobile plants! Most of these plants are flowers that devour small animals, though sometimes a Smilax can grow to huge proportions if given the right treatment.

Law, Government, and Politics

Bean Valley is a part of the Upperlands of Fa'Diel. It is very isolated from civilization.


A Hylian child once sighed in sorrow as he passed by his favorite valley, unable to play until he completed his daily chores:

- Defeat Mega Smilax.

- Defeat Mokura.

- Befriend an artist at the top of his game.

- Attain VIP status.

- Frustrate a clown.

- Pluck an Amazee Dayzee.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi always gets-a very sick in Bean Valley. Good explorers make sure they take-a good care of their health. Fire and Ice elementals work well here."

A series of bloodstained notes

fuck finks. pollen will kill you, dead. gecks make you limp, piranhas are beefy. not bad overall, just. fuck finks.