Begin A Breech in the System

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Unknown Location

August 28 of the Year 322

Undine's Day

A heavily smoke filled room, dim and dark, desolated accept for two young men sitting on a red velvet and gold couch, smoking cigar's. The two man chatted away, each of them occaisionally raising a glass from a small wooden table, and tilting it to their mouths, sipping slowly.

A small doorway curtained by dark shadows and red velvet curtains that were close hid view too the other rooms, this was the back room of a bar, the reserved room.

A jingling sound was heard from behind the curtain. With slight delay, one of the men looked up, the other laughing and turning his view to the door, a woman, clothed in a translucent violet skirt, slits all the way up the sides that showed off her strong yet feminine legs and matching heels, a skimpy translucent piece of cloth hung over each of her breasts barely, connected by a thin wirey piece of gold around the neck, and a small scarf, or shall covering below her mouth, and most of her head.

The men stared in awe, amazed by the dazzling view of the fine figure of the fine female, her soft tan skin catching theyre eye at first sight. One of the men grinned and puffed at his cigar, greedily staring her body down, the other man staring almost as if he looked embarrassed.

"Well gentlemen, i am your entertainment for this evening, would you like some drinks, anything?" She looked at them with soft eyes.

"... Well, we already have drinks, anything else you think you could.... Help us with?" The sly man grinned. as the embarrassed one looked at him.

The woman grinned and motioned for the embarrassed man to go into the other room. As he walked away she leaned over the sly man and put her face a few inches from his. She licked his cheek and reached in back of her skirt.

The man smiled and snickered,"Mmmm, baby, is the hired help her good? Or are you a bad girl?"

She whispered softly in his ear, "Oh.... I'm very good, but I have a bad side..."

She nodded slowly and took her shawl off and quickly covering his face with it. She shushed him quietly and he chuckled. The woman slowly moved the back of her hand lightly up his inner thigh, making its way up his chest, to his neck, the sharp feel of her nails pressing against it; the sharp blade of her dagger against it.

"Before you scream, cry for help, or signal any trouble, you better think about how fast my reflexes are, and think about how much a pig like you values his life." Nina grinned and shook her hair out, the jingle of beads, and gold charms that dangled off her ankles, wrists neck, and waist shaking slightly.

He swallowed and groaned, her blade quickly slicing his throat open. Nina smirked and took the shawl, wiping her blade off, and wrapping it around the mans wound. She closing his eyes with her fingertips, and laid him down as if he were asleep.

Reaching at a small leather bag she groped quickly, opening and searching through it. Finding a small card, and a few papers reading 'Tidal Corp.' at the top. She put the dagger back in the sheath under her dress, stashing the id card and papers in her skirt also, walking out of the curtains to the other room slowly, looking at the embarrassed man and walking away.

She stopped and said, "Its best not to wake him for a while, unless you want him angry and grumpy, he just might slit your throat from his exhaustion..." She grabbed a black trenchcoat off the rack, put it on, and walked away slowly.

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