Between Infinity and Eternity

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The void; always such a strange place to end up. When I'm here, I see glimpses of other places, other people, and other times. Sometimes it's more than a glimpse, enough to become real, it's one of the ways I travel about. I come and go at the whims of chance; the threads of space and time don't hold onto me quite as well as they do others, I slide across them like a boat on water.

Yet I always seem to find myself drawn back here, to this little town... This strange little town. Here in the void, it hovers at the edge of my peripheral vision, just waiting for me to reach out for it. A nice distraction for when I become bored of the real/unreal picture show in front of me.

The most interesting thing honestly isn't the location. As quaint as it is, it has hardly changed in all the times I've been here... But the people. Oh the people! Such rich diversity! Koopas, Hylians, creatures without form, Reploids, my friends. Never do I lack happiness when I find myself in a time with them.

Of course, it never lasts. No matter where I go, it never lasts. I find myself elsewhere, or back here in the void... It's not so bad here I suppose; I don't often find myself hungry, nor have I aged that much. But everthing about reality; the feel of it, the tastes, the smells, the beautiful sounds, everthing but the sight of it is denied me...

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