Bubbly Clouds

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Bubbly Clouds
They're clouds mate, they're bleedin' clouds in the bleedin' sky.
Source: Kirby's Dream Land
Builder: MTSowbug
Level Range: 86-95
Linked: Yes

Despite being made of mostly insubstantial water vapor, the clouds above the Cleft of Dimensions are home to all sorts of people and things.

Being able to fly, either naturally or through magic or through items, would probably help a lot when adventuring through this area.


Since the dawn of existance, there has always been a sky. Who knows what secrets one will find? It has been rumored that there once existed a legendary artifact that could control the wind called the 'Wind Waker'.


Clouds! Cirrus formations! Cumulonimbus storms! Be a part of the cleft's natural meteorogical transformations!


There are many ways to travel to the sky, for those who have the resources. For everyone else, rumors tell of an eccentric man who has set up cannons throughout the Cleft. He offers a unique travel experience for interested parties and is apparently involved with a secretive 'Cirrus Club'.


Most inhabitants in the sky are docile creatures, ranging from friendly Waddle Dees to soft hearted Wigglers. Despite appearances, these creatures have been known to be ruthless when confronted.

Law, Government, and Politics

The sky is an uncivilized and lawless place. Pirates have been known to sail the skies in an interrupted conquest involving alcoholic substances and general misconduct. Despite this, a certain 'Pink Baron' has been seen taking the law into his own hands, and would certainly dispense justice upon murderous adventurers.