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Builders are responsible for creating the areas that players explore in the Cleft. Before submitting an application, you should have a solid idea about the kind of area you intend to create if accepted.

Due to a reduced need for builders currently, application rules have become more stringent until futher notice. Only above average applicants will be accepted.

Please read all of the following rules before submitting an application.

  1. Must have reached 100 at least once before submitting your application.
  2. Application must be a note to ALL immortals, titled: Builder Application
    • You may also email us your application. Post a titled note if you do so.
  3. Applicant must submit a minimum of 5 room descriptions.
    1. Descriptions must be at least 255 characters long.
    2. Descriptions may include extra descriptions (keywords within the room description that can yield further descriptions.) Extra descriptions are encouraged and have no minimum or maximum size.
  4. Applicant must submit a minimum of 3 object descriptions.
    1. Must include the short description. ex. (an apple)
    2. Must include the long description. ex. (A small red apple is seen here.)
    3. Must include the extra/full description. (What you see when you look at it)
  5. Applicant must submit a minimum of 3 mobile descriptions.
    1. Full descriptions must be a minimum of 255 characters long.
    2. Must include the short description.
    3. Must include the long description.
    4. Must include a response for when you TALK to the mob.
    • It is up to the applicant's discretion what kinds of rooms, objects, and mobs they submit for analysis and the extent to which they fulfill these requirements.
  6. Descriptions should be well formatted and include minimal spelling and grammatical errors.
  7. Must include two detailed descriptions of sample quests/events that, to the best of their knowledge, will work reasonably within the code of this MUD.
    • The samples do not need actual code with them.
  8. Application must be easy to read and properly organized.
  • Feel free to ask questions. Asking questions will not hurt your chances at being accepted. We expect many, many questions from potential, trial, and established builders.

An applicant may not necessarily be accepted even if they follow all of the guidelines. Respect the Staff's decision. We don't care if you build/code/own another MUD, you still must follow the guidelines. The level requirement is to prove your interest and dedication to the Cleft as well as ensure that you have seen a good amount of our content to understand what kind of areas and aesthetics we strive for. Applicant may also be subject to an interview with the Staff.

  • Concerning those who become Builders.
  1. Your first area shall contain a maximum of 25 vnums.
    1. 25 room vnums, 25 object vnums, 25 mobile vnums, 25 mprogs. This rule is absolute.
      • This rule is in place to help ensure that areas are finished and released in a timely manner. Being able to create a good quality area with 25 vnums is a proof of concept for your ability to create larger areas.
    2. Your first area's theme and aesthetic are your choice unless it too heavily conflicts with the Cleft's theme (which is unlikely).
    3. Where the area is linked to the rest of the Cleft is up to the discretion of the head builder.
  2. Your first area cannot be a city or any other specifically residential area.
    • No first area can contain any shop unless authorized by a staff member.
  3. Only higher immortals have access to mprogs (for security reasons).
    • If you need an mprog in your area, ask an immortal of status ADV or higher.
  4. Repeating room descriptions are mostly unacceptable.
  5. Your area must be constructed, room-wise, each room fully described, within a month of start date or you shall be fired.
  6. Fail to log on within this time period and you shall be fired.
  7. Should a Builder quit or be fired while an area is in progress, the Staff may still use it and edit it as they see fit.
  8. All areas are subject to revision by Staff if they do not meet our quality standards or if there is questionable or innappropriate content. If unsure, do not hesitate to ask about something before including it.
  9. Abuse of privileges (see help rules), will not be tolerated.

What you can expect as a builder after successfully completing your first area

  • A builder's first area is essentially their trial period.
    • Once you have completed your first area to acceptable standard within the time restraints and in compliance with the rules listed, you will be promoted once.
    • If you and your area do not comply with the rules and restraints, you will either be fired or given a second chance at the staff's discretion.
  • Once established as a builder there is no strict period of time within which you must complete your second and subsequent areas, but your actions, behaviors, life situations, and time active within the mud will be taken into account on whether you are demoted or not.
    • You can be fired at any time for grievous abuse of power.
    • If you disappear for a long time, it is up to the staff's discretion whether your builder character is demoted/deleted or not.
  • While it is entirely up to the builder what areas to create, the head builder and staff will guide and encourage building that helps fill in gaps in the Cleft.
    • This is obviously an unpaid position and we don't expect a hobbyist builder to dedicate their time and energy into something they are uninterested in doing, but we as the Staff have a vision for the Cleft that we hope everyone is interested in working together to achieve.
    • It is unlikely for an area idea to be denied unless it is an excessively bad fit for the Cleft.
    • All contributions are appreciated, and any area built can be worked somewhere into the Cleft, so creative freedom is quite broad.

- Cooper, Head Builder