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INFO: =MORE= Carsanquay has been slaughtered by the Goomba =BLOOD=
Activity: Hermetic
Form: male moogle engineer
Element: Fire
Influence: Science and Technology

Carsanquay is the God of Memory and Invention. He is perhaps the primary figure responsible for stabilizing the environment of the Cleft, though he is often also considered responsible for the creation of the Cleft (if by accident). In his past dimension, he was working on a project with a group of scientists utilizing pocket-sized dimensions. The cataclysm from the testing process resulted in the creation of the Cleft. Ever since then, Carsanquay has worked on projects that would only further enhance the Cleft. It is unknown how many inventions he has created, because he is very reclusive and has several hidden laboratories, some of which not even the other gods know of.

Avatars: None

Followers: Dr. Andonuts, Dr. Wily, Orange Kid

Monuments: Etansel Library, Machina Principia

Cleft Origin Stories: Carsanquay's Recollections

Carsanquay's Log: 31-5F-A2-01

Hi. I'm Carsanquay and I know everything.

Well, practically everything. If I knew everything, it wouldn't have taken me so many days to get this hunk of junk computer system up and running. I don't know if this log will ever be read by anyone, but, as a scientist, I've always considered it good practice to keep records of everything. Professional state of affairs and all that. I'll keep this log updated until the batteries run out. Or until I die. Most likely one of the two.

Hmm... but where to begin? An awful lot of stuff has been happening, what with the end of the world and all.

It all started back in Portravia, where I worked as a theorist in the local research laboratory. Moogles weren't very common back there, especially as scientists. We had a very big project going on. Great funding, legitimacy, everything a scientist could hope for. See, our world was fraught full of adventurers. Adventurers, being the type who traveled a lot, needed to carry things with them. Lots of things. The solution? A bottomless backpack! By utilizing a miniature pocket dimension, we could make backpacks to hold practically infinite amounts of objects at virtually no weight.

Well, it seemed brilliant at the time.

Have you ever heard of something called a Verneshot? It's a geological phenomenon involving a supervolcano. See, somewhere, a volcano erupts with massive force. Such massive force that it sends a small chunk of the planet hurtling into the atmosphere, which then acts as a meteor and slams into the earth elsewhere. Horrible stuff. Creates mass extinctions, global devastation, and so forth.

It really was just a bad coincidence. There we were, testing our pocket dimension generator for the first time, when a rather large chunk of the South Ocean crashed into our laboratory.

Unfortunately for mostly everyone back in Portravia, that was the end of the world. Although I didn't see it myself, my world was likely soon covered with an impenetrable cloud of dust, darkening the world and ending all life. Massive seismic disturbances would rend the planet apart. A horrible end for the masses. Fortunately for some of us, something peculiar happened.

The exact physics of the event... well, I'm still investigating that. It's very confounding. But the immense kinetic force of the inbound Verneshot combined with the dimensional flux from our experimental apparatus created a... let's call it a 'flaw' within reality. A gap between dimensions. Space, where there was none before. An empty place between universes. We eventually began to call it the Cleft. A chance occurrence that rightfully should never have happened.

Now, you see, this dimensional 'flaw' caused odd phenomena. Rifts opened across the world (and, as it would turn out, across dimensions), sucking matter into them. There'd be a flash, and a tree was gone. Or a person, or a continent. In this fashion, some people were saved from the armageddon of our world, transferred to the Cleft between dimensions. Most of my research team survived due to this - our laboratory was ripped out of Portravia and into the Cleft. We were the lucky ones.

...I have to cut this short. Something's wrong with the gravity monitoring system, and it needs my attention.

Carsanquay, signing off.


Level 107

HP:5096 MP: 2048 MV: 1024

Abilities: See secret handbook of Secret Devices #0000-4999

Known devices include

0000: Sowbug Shield - A constantly-active particle-nullifying field supposedly modeled on a sowbug's exoskeleton.

0023: Jet Boots - Uses little fuel and allows a full range of motion.

0641: Skeletal Millipede Lock Picks - Millipedes are finally useful for something.

1304: Left Sock Machine - Enter the machine and become a left sock. Carsanquay kindly put a warning label on it that says "DON'T ENTER THIS."

2726: Orbital Laser - Satellite orbits the Cleft and cooks you with a giant laser.

4994: Love - ???

Auto Skills:

Moogle Radar - Provides excellent awareness of immediate surroundings.

Moogle Vision - Provides terrible eyesight due to squinty eyes.