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The Cleft of Dimensions is constantly being updated, poked, prodded, and tweaked. To keep everyone informed of the various changes, the Immortals semi-regularly post Change Notes in-game. This page will copy those notes as well.

2023 Change Notes

Changes 10 Apr 23

  • The Cleft of Dimensions Wiki ( has been upgraded to the latest Mediaiwiki version; all of the existing content and functionality should have moved over but please let me know if anything is broken
  • The DarkCosmos skin has been added to the wiki (you have to make an account for the preferences button to show up)

(there are some issues with table colors ending up as light text on a light background; this will take some additional work to fix) UPDATE 11 APR: these should be resolved


  • The wiki admin password has been changed, let me know if you need it

Changes 28 Mar 23

  • iaido will now trigger when dual-wielding a weapon
  • maximum stats from equipment and affects are now 50 across the board for every character
  • damroll goes up with high strength (or down with low strength) much more STRONGly
  • attempting to dispel permanent effects should no longer generate irrelevant messages about them getting weaker
  • getting awarded a skill by a quest, when you already have the skill somehow (remort?), will no longer reduce it back to 1%
  • examining or looking into a container will reveal the number and approximate weight of its contents, and whether it is more or less than half full
  • examining or looking into an identified container will reveal its current carried count/weight
  • items should actually reveal partial weight now


  • container v0 weights are actually in WHOLE pounds despite what OLC has said (fixed in oedit)
  • turns out locker weight limits have been TEN TIMES what they should be, documentation updated to match


Changes 06 Feb 23

  • SUPER MOUSEPROOFING: mobiles who are not charmed and do not have a bribe/give prog, can no longer be given items by a player or player-charmed mobile
  • FINALLY A CHARGE NERF: casting spells from objects (wands, potions, etc) will no longer either use or consume a Charge
  • noeffects added to 'options' display
  • psyke down has sensible echoes when failing due to psyke up being present and not dispelled, is no longer hilariously easy to resist, and will now apply its affect *in addition* to dispelling psyke up
  • psyke up has sensible echoes when failing due to psyke down being present and not dispelled, has a shorter duration, and will now apply its affect *in addition* to dispelling psyke down
  • protective aura's duration now scales with level and no longer grants a -1 saves bonus
  • quartz guard, thorn shield, and hailstone barrier's AC bonus now scales slightly with level
  • average recharge amount from phlogiston is both higher and more consistent (2d20 -> 20d2)
  • the hex* (vuln-applying) spells are now resisted as DAM_OTHER and not DAM_NEGATIVE (drain)
  • room affects (sandstorm, hell ivy, etc.) can be seen in dark rooms now
  • when you can see in a dark room due to having dark vision, the room name will be suffixed with (Dark) (this probably helps pumpkin ninjas the most)
  • additionally the following spells can now be Charge'd: (big list of spells)

Changes 23 Jan 23

  • skill-granting affects from blue magic should stack now, vastly reducing affects spam for vampires moving forward
  • selling wands can no longer cause a divide by zero error (thank goodness nobody triggered this)
  • you should no longer lose current HP when the Courage spell wears off, unless you were over your original maximum
  • fleeing from a single enemy that is blinded, or a group of enemies who are ALL blind, is more likely to succeed
  • the store value of partially-expended Light type items is reduced based on the amount of light left in them
  • OG jump skill renamed to dragoonjump (replaced in old player files)
  • attack up now has a greater chance to dispel attack down when charged
  • heat metal now only actually destroys your money if you fail a save vs fire --and also tells you when this happens
  • protection good and protection evil now have durations that depend on caster level and no longer grant a -1 saves bonus
  • restore mana now has a different message when the target's mp is FULLY restored
  • duration of blazing shield, aurum aegis, and soulblade now scales with level
  • new skill solar flare (quest reward from butter building; if you already completed this quest go back and TOUCH the moon stone)


  • alist command no longer crashes the game
  • also, more spells can be Charged:
  acid blast, thunder, thundara, thundaga, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga, fire, fira, firaga, judgment, shadow step, leeches (+25% damage)
  quezacotls wrath (+25% damage, except when bouncing back to the caster)
  heat metal (+25% damage, but does not change amount of money melted)
  magic missile (increases chance of more hits)
  charm, tame, hypnotize, detect evil, detect good, detect hidden, detect invis, detect magic, faerie fog, float, infravision, pass door, bio, bio 2, protection good, protection evil, detect alignment (doubled duration)
  invis, nayrus love, protect, blazing shield, soandso's favour, aurum aegis, death pact, intimidate, shelter, soulblade, inflame, scarecrow funk (+50% duration)
  attack up, attack down, haste, slow (+50% duration, increased chance to dispel opposite spell)
  cure, cure 2, cure 3, restore movement (+25% healing)
  blind (increased hit chance, increased hitroll penalty from -15 to -25)
  change sex, sleep, influenza, frozen touch, haunt, sprain, osmosis, confusion,
  burn, fear, daze, confusion, (increased chance to hit)
  antidote, uncurse, cure bleeding, cure osmose (improved dispel success rate)
  enchant weapon, enchant armor, recharge (very slightly improves success rate)
  resurrect (doubles zombie lifespan, about +25% hp)
  skeleton crew (about +20% hp)
  phantom motorcycle (ya like flying motorcycles, kid?)
  summon minighost (2x hp)

note: i dont know how to meaningfully improve these spells via charge:

  floating disc, angel whisper, white wind, arcane lock, general purpose, high explosive, junction spells, bide, plague swarm, dust storm, quicksand, hell ivy, hp rain, skylight, grease, conjure instrument, drunkify, soberify

note2: the following spells simply have no quantitative effect to charge:

  detect poison, teleport, scan, locate object, summon, word of recall, exit, farore's wind, enslave, augment golem, read magic, mokuton

note3: making this improve with charge feels too abusable for some reason:

  restore mana, wizen

note4: the following pseudospells are only used by NPCs and shall not be chargeable:

   aperture schism, sumhlpspl, gas breath

note5: this isn't every spell in the game yet, there are more in magic3.c that i didn't get to


Changes 17 Jan 23

  • created water springs should actually for real decay eventually now
  • remorting players now get to choose their alignment during remort, like first-time priests
  • instead of being worth 1/4 their regular cost, fully-depleted noexplode wands and staffs are now worth 1/(max charges) their normal cost.
  • event items that use charges now also scale their shop value based on remaining charges
  • the penalty for selling the same item to the same shop has been decreased from 25% per item to 10% per item (50% to 25% for regular inventory), with a hard floor of 1/4 the normal sell value
  • if your character is VERY low int and attempting to practice a VERY difficult skill, it is no longer possible to use a practice for zero percent gain
  • the game will no longer crash on reboot in certain situations where a builder has goofed up a room's resets; instead, it will quietly destroy the offending resets
  • if you learned a skill over 30 levels ago, you can use practices at a GREATLY diminished rate (1/8 usual, min 1%) to raise it further to 100%
  • the Sour Mouth spell now has an echo in addition to the status effects it attempts to apply
  • attempting to cast Charge on someone already charged no longer says YOU are charged
  • Life Support now shows a status effect in the combat panel while you are under the effect of its mana cost increase
  • resurrected zombies should have the gas breath attack mentioned in the helpfile


  • "key -1" now works correctly and doesn't crash the mud
  • mobs with the OFF_BERSERK flag will no longer use berserk unless under 1/4 HP
  • new flag OFF_GASBREATH, causes mob to occasionally use Sour Mouth in combat with no lag or mana cost (will expend a Charge though)
  • area0.are and dimcorr.are seemed to have the same vnum range and content... i have removed area0.are from the areas list to get the mud to boot


Changes 03 Jan 23

  • The Resurrect spell now correctly flags the zombie as undead instead of the caster.


2022 Change Notes

Changes 12 Oct 22

  • whirlwind skill% was being raised entirely too fast
  • manashield can no longer be toggled while asleep


  • New wiznet channel "logs", shows everything that goes to the server logfile but in realtime


  • The server OS has been updated to Ubuntu 22.04.01
  • The GCC version has been updated and the -fcommon compiler option needed to be added to the makefile


Changes 15 June 22

Building off a new version of the GPTuna engine that brought us the Orbs of Escher and the Ancient Cave, the Dimensional Corridor is now linked. Intended primarily as a building assistant, the Dimensional Corridor lets you write a room description (or two, or three) and, overnight, will riff on your input and produce twenty similar room descriptions as output. Suffering from writer's block or just want to expand on some ideas? The Corridor is here for you!

Because the Dimensional Corridor can only accommodate three inputs per day, it is currently linked in an out-of-the-way location (it's in the Monotoli Building). If you find it, feel free to give it a spin!


Changes 17 May 22

  • a non-private playerhouse with "everyone" as a secondary owner, can be edited by anyone
  • the cooldown on Halo was half what it should be for most characters
  • lobsterman eskrima practicioners can now use riposte bare-handed (bare-clawed?)
  • trance no longer creates an extra line in 'affects'


  • Non-Giganto Knights now receive a warning about two-handed weapon types during the weapon selection part of character creation
  • the Courage spell can now be refreshed/"topped off" before it expires
  • the Courage spell can now be charged for 1.5x the effect
  • the Courage spell no longer has a cooldown
  • new AFF2 flag: whirlwind
  • new skill: whirlwind (knights receive at level 15)
  • new spell: Heroics (knights receive at level 20)
  • knights receive the shield slam skill at level 1 instead of 3
  • knights receive the retort skill at level 3 instead of 10
  • knights receive the rescue skill at level 5 instead of 10
  • knights receive the vigilance skill at level 7 instead of 5
  • knights receive the Courage spell at level 10 instead of 15
  • knights receive the sizeup skill at level 12 instead of 20
  • knights receive the ration skill at level 20 instead of 10
  • knights no longer receive the bash skill

a couple tweaks to how Courage and Heroics behave when Charge'd will take effect after the next copyover


Changes 08 Apr 22

  • maybe finally fixed a crash bug involving Fling'd weapons
  • The following spells can be now charged for some kind of greater effect:

Create Booze, Create Rose, Create Spring, Create Water, Create Food, Illuminate, Create Instrument, Midas Glow, Phantom Cloak, Abundance

  • the 'critical' weapon flag now appears in Scan/examine/info
  • when consuming food and beverages, you will receive a warning that you are starting to feel full when you hit 30 (the "you are full" message still appears at 40 as usual)


  • the 'critical' weapon flag (3x critical chance) can now be set in oedit and not only by Scathe Saber


Changes 17 Mar 22

  • info <item> in a shop now shows you the extra desc also
  • you can now choose "random" during most steps of character creation
  • you can no longer choose defunct classes during remort


Changes 04 Feb 22

  • fixed the crit rate of the Gem Missile spell (was WAY too high)
  • casting leeches on yourself as a desperate way to remove poison will now only deal negligible damage
  • Chocobo Forest is linked (thanks Ademisk!!!!!!!!)


2021 Change Notes

Changes 08 Dec 21

  • the mogdance skill now works in "mount2" sector rooms (same effect as regular mountain)
  • magitek factory is marginally less brutal overall
  • the "ring" wands in crysta have triple the charges but are slightly more expensive
  • faerie fog aka faerie fire reveals hidden entities too now


  • a { at the beginning of a mobprog line shouldn't make the MUD crash at boot time anymore

... plus other things we've probably forgotten


Changes 12 Oct 21

  • fixed a broken exit from freeza's ship's engine room
  • the imp captain is no longer attackable
  • 'page' is now a synonym for the 'scroll' command
  • 'suplex' has more varied output messages depending where it is used (functions the same)


  • the discordutil, questquery, rename, vape, pload, punload, copyover, and pwreset commands have in-game helpfiles now
  • "force gods" has been removed
  • "force players" now includes level 100 characters
  • the 'video' command has been removed (was a duplicate of 'snoop')
  • the 'prefix' command has been removed (why did it exist)


Changes 18 Sep 21

  • Steal now tells you if the item you tried to steal can't be stolen, so you try to steal coins or items instead
  • Attempting to open a locked door will also tell you if you are able to unlock it
  • You can no longer pick already-unlocked portals
  • Attempting to pick a portal, container, or exit, when you have the key or the door doesn't need one, tells you that, if you fail
  • Various typos fixed


Changes 22 Aug 21

  • mushroomize and zombie should no longer color-bleed when they wear off
  • 'pet' option removed from necromancer NPCs
  • the normal 'corpse' necromancer option will now also grab pet corpses
  • more typos fixed
  • the wutai bank now has lockers


Changes 7/15/21

  • notes posted in the game get reposted on Discord
  • 'typo' command added for quickly reporting typos
  • Syphon now has a 2-pulse cooldown and has better output for immune targets
  • 'risk' now affects autoattack accuracy and damage in combat


  • a 'mudlet' configuration command has been added
  • sound can be globally (i.e., not just chat) disabled with 'mudlet sound'
  • secondary (chat) panel height can be specified, e.g. 'mudlet height 13'
  • tertiary panel font size shrinks to fit desired secondary panel height
  • panels should resize themselves more reliably
  • screen layout preferences save on exit
  • updated CoD's icon and desc for Mudlet's brand new package manager


Changes 02 Jul 21

  • fixed erroneous output when attempting to cast Extension on someone whose affects have already been extended
  • if you are fighting multiple mobs and your current target dies, you no longer "lose" a round of combat before auto-retargeting occurs
  • putting a corpse in a locker should no longer corrupt your inventory and crash the game when it decays, because now it won't fully decay while in the locker
  • getting money from a corpse/chest should no longer give glitch output
  • fixed MANY typos and color bleeds and stuff in areas (thanks ryrol)
  • fixed color bleeds after turning grats or ooc off/on (also thanks ryrol)
  • "niceguy" was implemented backwards actually, and afraid mobs might now actually flee again
  • life support is actually better when charged, now
  • bedit will now ACTUALLY save your changes when you exit the editor, instead of lying that it tried
  • new sector: Organic
  • player inventory items "stuck" inside non-containers somehow, will become automagically un-stuck at login


Changes 6/14/2021

  • Transfer and gtransfer now handle vehicles that players are riding
  • New set of vulnerability spells
  • New skill: Refashion
  • We now how the proper dark green color on the tertiary window of our mudlet plugin, with the latest verion of mudlet
  • Fixed a weird output message when typing "info" in a closed shop

For Builders

  • Clones, people, duplicates, mobhere if checks do not require that the mob can see the things being checked.
  • Fixed a bug where objhere vnum and objhere name worked differently

Changes 6-7-2021

  • ninjas no longer have a lower chance to flee than other classes, but instead are slightly better as intended
  • when Fling sticks a weapon into a foe, the line will be highlighted in yellow now
  • weight limitations to wielding weapons is correct again; ALL weapons were calculated as if they had featherweight applied, and featherweight weapons were calculated as if they did not
  • create instrument cast by immortals will now only create maximum level 100 instruments
  • "foe" and "enemy" are now keywords to unerringly target whatever you're fighting, like how "self" is always... yourself
  • the "pet" keyword now works with the 'look' command too
  • new spells 'drunkify' and 'soberify', increase/decrease drunkenness by spell level/2 (within the 0-48 range)


  • 'mob flag' now accepts 'behav' as a keyword
  • $B fixed... maybe???
  • setting an exit, portal, or container's "key" to -1 allows it to be

locked/unlocked freely


Changes 5-6-2021

The following skills are now affected by damroll:

For warriors:

  • iaido
  • hylian fencing's extra attacks
  • lunge
  • overpower
  • smash
  • hammerhand
  • riposte
  • ultra jump

For Thieves:

  • fling
  • (circle and backstab already got damroll benefits)

For Knights:

  • soulblade (both versions)
  • retort

For Dancers:

  • dance (when used offensively)
  • Self-hits from polka polka, masochism tango, or other sources of confusion, will now factor in the victim's own damroll, which generally makes these status affects more dangerous!

For people hanging on to weird skills:

  • aurablast
  • cadenza

Since the damage from these skills is nominally based on your weapon attacks, this will bring them more in line with expectations at high levels.


Changes 5-5-2021

  • mystic weapons were not working correctly
  • attempting to send a tell while 'deaf' gives a more sensical error message
  • 'moreviolence' is now a synonym for 'lessviolence'
  • your pets' kills will no longer ignore your lessviolence preference
  • healing spells wielded against the undead were double-dipping in magroll -- these will now generally do less damage if you have high magroll
  • healing spells' relationship with magroll was not subject to the normalization formula -- these will now generally do less healing if you have high magroll
  • rejuvenate and sarcosis healing were not affected by magroll at all; now they are!
  • flare star's afterdamage should no longer hit otherwise-unattackable mobs
  • fixed a bug where items would stop decaying... maybe


  • New rset field "reset"
  Takes one of two arguments "room" and "area"
  'mob rset reset room' resets the room that the mob is currently in.
  'mob rset reset area' resets the area of the room the mob is currently in.


Changes 5-3-2021

  • Comet Punch Fluff

Comet punch now factors in strength, dexterity, hitroll and damroll. This is gated by a requirement that strength and dexterity are at 16 or higher.

  * Hitroll slightly boosts the chance for the first punch
  * Dexterity and hitroll slightly boosts the chance for additional hits
  * Strength and damroll have a chance to give bonuses to damage
  * Dexterity and hitroll determines the chances of the strength/damroll damage bonus.
  * Successful bonuses are indicated by an all-caps message.

  • Double Image Fluff

Double now factors in dexterity and speed(EG haste, slow, fast, frenzy).

  * Skill success slightly increases with a dexterity of 16 or higher (higher dexterity = higher chance bonus)
  * Skill success slightly increases with speed affects (and they stack) (Fast, Frenzy, Haste)
  * Skill success slightly diminishes with Slow (still offset by other speed affects and dexterity)
   * Chance of the double being the target is slightly boosted by dexterity, if it's 16 or higher
  * Chance of double remaining after having been the target is slightly boosted by dexterity, if its 16 or higher
  • Bloodsuck doesn't work on players for now because it's crashy.


Changes 5-1-2021

  • Area if check
EG if area $i == 1 // is $i in the immortal area? 
  • New rset arguments!
  • Affects:
   consecrate or consecrate_neutral
  • save
   EG mob rset save
   flags the area of the mobs room as changed and then runs 'asave changed'
   useful for saving rset room descs etc


Changes 4-25-21

  • objects which are not necessarily flagged decaying but still under 100 condition somehow, will reveal this information when Scan/examined now
  • certain sociable mobs will no longer force the player to do socials, instead of doing the social themselves as originally intended (i.e. catching runaway dogs will no longer make YOU lick THEM)
  • the Courage spell now has a lower cost, less lag, and attempts to dispel Fear
  • fixed an issue with event items not cooling down (probably)
  • the mogdance skill was not usable due to targeting issues
  • 'Train' has much less rigid syntax now
  • oozaru will only warn you once when it's 4 pulses from wearing off
  • removed glitch output when using bedit show in a non-housing room
  • scrolls can be 'recite'd from an equipment slot, if you ended up holding one somehow
  • picking up coins from the ground no longer gives glitch output
  • act_passive mobs' hp, mana, and mv are no longer visible in combat via the tertiary window
  • disrupting weapons (like earthy) now do slightly more damage than comparable weapon flags, to account for the lack of an associated status effect
  • portal objects reveal their charges and flags (if any) when identified
  • entering a portal to a player house you live in, now works when the house is private
  • mobs with AI that are affected by Ink Blast will often take longer to find a target (effectively a 50% chance each pulse to act like they are blind)
  • mushroomize now sometimes scrambles targeting of mobs with ai and/or assist flags (50% chance to hit a random character or mob in the room, which may be the 'correct' target anyway, each time they try to assist or retarget)
  • the Pick skill will not get 'stuck' on non-portal/container objects (e.g. "pick east" attempting to unlock an easter egg instead of the exit to the east)
  • new mobprog ifcheck recentdam, e.g. if recentdam $n > 4 (returns true if $a is greater than 4, whether set by awarded xp or mob damage)
  • turning the OOC channel off now also suppresses discord ooc messages, as intended
  • new Bedit command 'sector' changes roomsector for 100 gold
  • new Bedit command 'indoors' allows toggling of indoors room flag for 50 gold


Changes 4-4-21

  • the Halo spell can now start or finish a combo (light)
  • fixed a crash bug involving gmcp
    • probably
  • weapon flags and procs of offhand weapons will fire now! this makes dual wield generally better
  • the chance of screwing up a Scroll when intelligence is under 9 now DECREASES with higher wisdom instead of increasing
  • Black Wind no longer makes Sentinel mobs flee


Changes 3-24-21

  • MSSP information no longer points to mudmagic
  • new thief characters were not getting their second weapon type selection
  • deleting a reset now flags an area as changed (so that it 'asave's properly)
  • fixed a crash bug when selling furniture in bedit
  • the following spells can now start or finish a combospell: fire, fira, firaga, blizzard, blizzara, blizzaga, thunder, thundara, thundaga, magic missile (as energy), heat metal (fire), aura blast (as innate), star rain (randomly earth, fire, or energy to finish a combo. as the element of the last hit to begin a combo)
  • none-innate Jutsu's chance to blind is now based on the victim's Saves, not the user's (?!)
  • Ancient Power was applying extra combo targeting spuriously
  • Heat Metal now uses log2 instead of log10 for its damage potential, so it will generally deal much more


Changes 2-15-21

  • bedit now flags the 'source' area as changed too; this was causing some houses to mysteriously disappear!
  • fix to the spell echoes from Infravision
  • cleared some compiler warnings
  • improvement to Rescue AI for armor golems with Junction Health
  • Dispel can now remove Titans/Alexanders/Alraunes Favour affects
  • the Geomance spell has a 10% damage bonus if used with a Terraform terrain
  • a Charged Maneater has a marginally greater chance of eating larger foes
  • a Charged Burst, Lucent Beam, Ray, Ray of Truth, Viro Plasm, Gyro Ball, Bubblebeam, Firebreath, Gastro Acid, or Thunderbolt has a slightly higher chance to apply its status effect
  • the Debilitate spell has been disabled until it can be bugfixed


Changes 1-23-21

  • bedit will automatically save your changes to area files; houses shouldn't be lost in crashes anymore
  • fixed a crash bug when attempting to log in when you are already logged in
  • website now shows the nearly current wholist again


  • MAX_CALL_LEVEL errors now reveal mob and prog vnums in the log
  • several html files that the game creates should be created in the correct directories again
  • core dumps are back...?


Changes 1-1-21

  • updated borg for compatibility with Discord Gateway v8 API
  • salient characters eventually see the MOTD when they log in
  • on character creation, Protuna users get shown art when choosing weapons
  • %d in prompts interacts correctly with commands like "climb tree"
  • fixed an area reset timing bug
  • fixed a rare game-freezing bug involving Discord

For builders:

  • fixed incorrect interpretation of flags on 'mob asset' and 'mob award'


2020 Change Notes

Changes 11-7-20

  • the five remort races are now available to new characters
  • linkdead players should no longer interfere with area repop
  • dancers can now 'dance'
  • Polka Polka moved from level 1 to level 3
  • moogle qspell 'dance' renamed 'mogdance'

For Builders:

  • some sociable non-humanoids respond to socials based on race


Changes 11-4-20

  • fixed a quest bug in faron woods
  • the %r prompt option should work correctly in dark rooms if you have infrared or darkvision now
  • more bugfixes in bedit
  • armcannons won't get WORSE at levelup anymore
  • google analytics added to the wiki... we are watching u :)
  • bugfix to the 'delete' command


  • new behav flag 'broke' wipes a mob's gold and silver when it spawns

SIDENOTE: As with most other MUDs, data to or from this game may be sent unencrypted or 'in the clear', and would be visible to anyone inclined to snoop on your network traffic. This includes your password! As a general security practice, don't use the same password for your Cleft of Dimensions character as you use for other accounts or websites, as the connection is not inherently very secure.


Changes 9-30-20

  • you can now group with players of any level
  • for XP gain, a group's effective level is based on its highest member
  • increased the XP bonuses for the first 10 levels
  • three attempts are given to input password before disconnect
  • a player's scroll setting persists on remort
  • Discord chat sync experiences fewer interruptions
  • Gem Missile has more extreme variation in damage
  • slight reskin to Darkside
  • fixed a bug that prevented lessviolent treasure chests from decaying
  • fixed a bug where pageless mode broke the replay command

For Mudlet-Protuna:

  • new characters get a different prompt and also autosort
  • it is no longer necessary to input your character name twice
  • non-compact mode works

For builders:

  • gcall command for executing call progs on groups of targets


Changes 9-21-20

  • the 'delete' command now requires your password to confirm deletion
  • LOTS of tweaks and fixes to bedit
  • new area flag 'no_housing' disables housing in that area
  • BUILDERS: please apply this to areas you don't want houses in!
  • new area flag 'restricted_housing'... does nothing yet
  • MANY areas have had their security raised to 9... as a practical effect for players, this will make cleft rift both more spicy and more reliable
  • brains once again decay properly


Changes 9-4-20

  • weapons will reveal their type even if unidentified when 'examine'd
  • fixed an issue where MUD output would be sent to the tertiary protuna window during character creation
  • new spell for use in the ancient cave (not for players or normal mobs really)
  • autosorted items are sorted by type alphabetically instead of basically random
  • formatting for an autosorted inventory is a little prettier
  • fixed bad output when failing to loot unique items from a container
  • new 'BEdit' olc mode added; access limited while in testing
  • you can enter a room with an owner set, as long as it's not also flagged private
  • but, you can no longer enter a room set to private unless you're on the owner list


Changes 8-30-20

  • players get more base MV but gain less MV/level. Same final MV at lvl 100.
  • added festival channel for communication during festivals
  • XP is gained by both parties when a presence activates
  • the message replay buffer persists even if you logout
  • a wider range of actions appear in the message backlog
  • various fixes to Mudlet-Protuna
  • infowrite shows up in chathistory
  • 'dance' is a context-dependent synonym for 'cast' or 'emote' for dancers
  • fixed a Discord desync issue


Changes 6-29-20

  • a 'Project Tuna' package has been written for Mudlet. Connect to CoD via Mudlet to get it automatically.
  • presence command added, allowing custom scripts to be run when you're AFK or linkdead. 'Help presence' for details. 'Talk' to any players you meet!
  • autoreplay mode added: toggle it to replay tells on return from AFK
  • notification of missed tells is shown on return from linkdead, not just afk
  • players of 'salient' users stay present in the world indefinitely
  • every player on the wholist is now physically present in the Cleft
  • linkdead players in combat will attempt to flee if recall fails
  • lessviolence mode added: toggle it to alter gibs and corpses
  • physical skills such as dirt kicking no longer trigger runic
  • logging off while affectted by Zombify probably no longer crashes the game
  • Gastro Acid no longer make Reploids infinitely hungry
  • forced actions no longer break afk (e.g., forced saves before copyovers)

For builders:

  • 'discordutil salience' to specify salient users
  • mpedit reports when an edited mobprog affects an event item
  • 'if enchant $o > 0' ifcheck works


Changes 6-18-20

  • Grapevine webclient now shows hp/mp/mv gauges
  • auto-logout timer reduced from 7 days to 3 days
  • fixed a bug where NPC groupmates in vehicles could cause crashes
  • fixed a bug where logging off while mushroomized crashed the game
  • fixed a bug where Discord usernames got affixed with strings of numbers
  • fixed a bug where counterattacking area attacks could crash the game
  • power surge now affects only only offensive and defensive spells
  • the "you are here" map indicator no longer ignores brief mode
  • new commands for desc editor: .sc, .la, & .lz. See .h for details

For builders:

  • rooms and furniture with 0% regeneration entirely prevent regeneration
  • infowrite shows up in chathistory
  • added festival channel


Older change notes have been archived