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Studying forbidden knowledge.
Age: ??
Race: Hylian
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: None

Active: Year 317 - 323

Charanth was a Hylian scholar, one of the few of the devout in Hyrule that were allowed to study the powers of the Triforce. He, however, wasn't satisfied with what had already been written out and exhausted by so many scholars before him. As such, he pursued a broader idea, studying the very elements that bound the universe together. When this line of research led him into dark paths, he was forbidden to continue pursuing the topic. When he did anyway, Charanth was branded a heretic and exiled from Hyrule.

Not letting exile stop him, Charanth put what he had been studying into practical use and went elsewhere to continue his research. He made claims to have a primordial connection to the dark forces of Chaos and Soul magics. But if that was actually true or not was never really discovered. In his travels and studies, Charanth would disappear one night without a trace and would not show up in history again.

World Notes

The Heretic

From the Travel Log of Charanth Del'Traver