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Clan Halls are the physical establishments that represent the guild and solidify their placement within the Cleft of Dimensions. They are a symbol of prestige and investment, and reflect the amount of effort taken by the guild to promote themselves. Clans, as a whole, are not as well-developed as other aspects of the Cleft of Dimensions and are often overlooked because they don't have a lot going for them yet, in terms of game or player impact. However, with enough investment, they can make a name for themselves and establish a solid presence within the world, and new ideas are constantly being tossed around in how to make them shine a bit brighter.

Clan Halls allow its members a variety of services and commodities, all of which are (generally) reserved for the members of the clan. This does not mean visitors are disallowed, based on the preference of the clan's leader, but it is considered bad form to open the shops and vaults to anyone not of the clan.

Almost all purchases available for Player Houses will also be allowed for Clan Halls, and in the same vein, Clan Halls can be made using the BEdit creation functions. Anything that can be made in BEdit can be applied to a Clan Hall at-cost, and most anything (some restrictions apply) in the Player Housing Shop can also be placed in a Clan Hall. Please ask Lilly for details or clarifications if you are unsure of anything.

A clan may be established by anyone seeking to make a name for themselves or their budding organization, but a clan that rises with three or more members at its conception may begin their clan hall with the first room free of charge (a 5000g value!) in whatever location they desire by way of the BEdit command and structure. All BEdit rules apply to clan halls the same as they do to normal player houses, and, upon request, an NPC will be made available that will re-clan members who have lost their title (through remorts or otherwise).