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Is this a Cyx?
Age: ??
Race: unknown
Status: Unknown
Affiliation: Cosmic Guardians

Active: ?? - Year 323

Cyx was the leader of the Cosmic Guardians. A man of few words most the time, he trained himself mostly in the arts of being a strong monk warrior. He often referred to two teachers he had as a young boy when training new recruits for his clan. After the destruction of the Guardians in 320, Cyx tried to rebuild and recruit in new members. But when this led him to uncovering the treachery of one of his own Guardians being behind the attack on their shrine, he lost the will to to live, let alone see the Guardians restored. It is unknown what, exactly, happened to him, or where he went.

The last known recording of him comes from the personal diary of the reploid Aura in the Year 323, where she transcribes her rejection of his offer to join his clan.