Douglas Island

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Douglas Island
Has crabs, lol
Source: Kingdom Hearts, Zelda series
Builder: Sarai, Ageatii
Level Range: 1-5
Linked: Yes

Douglas Island is a small tropical island off the coast of Viorar, but not so close that the Mana Stone of Moon keeps it dark.

It is accessible via ferry.

A small tribe of Lobstermen live on this island. An active Fishing colony, mostly comprised of fishermen from Viorar, exists on the eastern side, near the ferry dock.


A giant crab once moped along the shore about how he was fired from the 'Hackers' because he didn't do the following:

- Learn to fish.

- Help the tailor.

- Find sunken treasure.

- Find buried treasure.

- Search for lost boys.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Fishing is-a powerful tool in any Explorer's arsenal because fish have a-mazing properties!"