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Activity: Hermetic
Form: pale male human
Element: Earth
Influence: Death and Rebirth

Dreadite is currently sealed away in the Lower Realm after attempting to take over the immortals. Responsible for sentencing the spirits of the dead to eternal torment, eternal peace, oblivion, or reincarnation.

Avatars: Shadoles, Vampires

Followers: Olbohn, Natasha, Thanatos

Monuments: The Macabre Tombstone


Level 105

HP: 0 MP: 99999 MV: 9999


Revive: 1 MP - Target dead thing is brought back to life

Soul Devourer: 999 MV - Eat a soul that is not tied to a body.

Reincarnation: 1 MP - Target soul is given a second chance

Torture Chamber: 1 MP 1 MV - Send a soul to its eternal damnation

Love Chamber: 1 MP 1 MV - Send a soul to a land of happiness

Moon Saber: 1 MP

Leaf Saber: 1 MP

Firetrap: 0 MV

Auto Skills:

???: Cannot get killed by a mortal