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Dugar Ward
Age: Adult
Race: Lycanthropy-Afflicted Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Unknown


Standing at 6'3" when he straightens up fully, the man here somehow still utterly fails to possess any sort of an air of intimidation, probably because he can only be said to have, most charitably, a slightly chubby scholar's build, and he has a bit of a tendency to slouch, along with some timid mannerisms. He's a bit young, perhaps in his mid-twenties, light-skinned with some premature graying in his mouse-brown hair. His facial features would probably be forgettable to anyone used to seeing humans were it not for the large birthmark across the left side of his face, and the partial heterochromia; his eyes are predominately brown but the bottom section of his left iris has a crescent of blue cut out of it. His style of dress leans almost exclusively towards comfort and practicality, with a tendency towards earthy tones.

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