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  • This article is about connections between rooms. For info on the spell, see Ninja.

Exits are connections between rooms in the game. They are used with the directional commands (north, up, sw, etc).

Portal objects simulate room exits, but have to be 'enter'ed, and have other rules too.

Finding Exits

When entering a room, the game will show you a list of all non-hidden exits. Exits with doors have those direction names enclosed in [brackets]. This happens even if the room is too dark to see in.

The 'exits' command will also show non-hidden exits, as well as the names of the rooms they lead to (assuming they are not too dark to see into). Typing 'exits auto' will give the concise version seen with room descs.

Using Exits

Normal room exits are traversed by simply typing the direction you wish to travel. Some exits have restrictions on who can travel through them (see exit flags below), and most characters cannot travel through closed doors.

Some ROOMS also have restrictions on who can enter them, independent of the exits.

Using an exit will cause the player to lose some Movement Points, depending mostly on the Sectors of the rooms the player is moving between.

Exits with Keywords

Exits can be made to simulate Portals as well if they have a keyword set. In this case, both typing the direction and 'enter (keyword)' will work.

Syntax (within REDIT): (direction) name "(keywords)"

  • An exit can have multiple keywords if they are all enclosed with double quotes eg down name "hatch hole"

Exits with Names

Exits with a door will, by default, refer to it as "the door" when characters open or close it. Builders can change this to whatever they like, such as 'a gate' or 'the hatch'.

Syntax (within REDIT): (direction) desc "(name)"

  • You must surround the name with double quotes

Exit Flags

  • door: Exit has a door -- Required for most other exit flags
  • closed: Door resets to closed
  • locked: Door resets to locked
  • pickproof: Door can't be picked
  • nopass: Door can't be Pass Door'd
  • easy: Pick Lock doesn't take many tries
  • hard: Pick Lock takes a few tries
  • infuriating: Pick Lock can work but probably won't
  • noclose: Door can't be closed
  • nolock: Door can't be locked
  • hidden: Exit can't be seen by normal means
  • swim: Only players who can fly or swim, or are on a flying or seaworthy vehicle can pass.
  • fly: Only players who can fly or are on a flying vehicle can pass.

Creating Exits

See Building_Guide#Linking_Existing_Rooms


Exits with doors can be locked, which prevents them from being opened.

Players or mobs with the correct 'key' (specified by vnum, and does not need to be a key item) can lock or unlock the door. The key can be set differently on either side of an exit.

Setting the key vnum to -1 will allow the door to be unlocked or locked freely.

Doors that have had their open/closed and/or locked/unlocked status changed will be reset to their original condition when the area resets.