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Portals are objects that mimic exits.

Using Portals

Portals are usable with the 'enter' command. Characters that 'enter' a portal travel to a different room in the game. Characters will follow their leader through a portal, just as they would follow them through normal exits.

Portals can only be interacted with when they are in a room and not in a character's inventory. Most portals exist as objects that cannot be picked up.

Vehicles can't go through portals: only the player is sent through.

Item Values

  • v0: Charges
A portal can have a finite number of charges. Each character entering a portal will decrease the charges by 1, giving limited-use portals the ability to split up groups. A portal set to have zero or less charges can be used an unlimited number of times, which is far more common.
  • v1: Exit Flags (see below)
  • v2: Portal Flags (see below)
  • v3: Goes to (vnum)
The vnum of the room that this portal sends the user to.
  • v4: Key
The vnum of the item required to lock or unlock the portal once it's closed. If the portal lacks the 'door' exit flag, then setting the key will have no effect. The item doesn't need to be of the Key item type.

Exit Flags

  • door: The portal has a door that can be 'open'ed and 'close'd.
  • closed: The default state of the portal's door is closed when the object is loaded.
  • locked: The portal starts out locked.
  • pickproof: Can't be unlocked with the Pick Lock skill
  • nopass: Can't be used if closed even if the character is affected by Pass Door
  • easy: Pick Lock is very likely to work
  • hard: Pick Lock is unlikely to work
  • infuriating: Pick Lock will almost never work, even at 100% skill
  • noclose: Can't be closed even if Door is set
  • nolock: Can't be locked even if there's a Door and a key is set
  • hidden: Does nothing on portals
  • swim: Can't be entered unless the character can swim or fly
  • fly: Can't be entered unless the character can fly

Portal Flags

  • Normal_exit: Makes the message "You enter $p" rather than "You walk through $p and find yourself somewhere..." and "$n has arrived" rather than "$n has arrived through $p".
  • no_curse: In stock ROM, you can't go through here if you're cursed, but this is commented out in CoD.
  • go_with: The portal object goes to the room that the player ends up in after the player goes through.
  • buggy: Has a 5% chance to shunt the player to a random room instead of the actual destination.
  • random: Sends the player to a random room every time. Setting the destination room vnum to -1 does the same thing as this flag.
  • no_norecall: Cannot enter this in no_recall rooms.
  • send_vehicle: Makes the message "You drive $p into $P" if you are riding a vehicle when you enter the portal, and sends the vehicle as well. However, passengers may fall out (bug).