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Phantom Motorcycle

A vehicle is a type of item which is similar to furniture.


To use a vehicle, a player only has to 'sit' in it as if it were a piece of furniture. From there, they can type normal movement commands (north, south, etc) to move both themselves and the vehicle to another room while still seated.

To leave a vehicle, the player just needs to 'stand' back up.

Some vehicles can have multiple people seated in them. Passengers will not be shown room descriptions as they are taken through different rooms.

Entering portal-type items, getting into fights, being transferred by an mprog, and using action socials (like climb) to move between rooms will cause the driver to fall off the vehicle, leaving it behind.


Vehicles modify the recovery rate of MV (Movement Points) by a percentage (but you can't sleep on them). Some vehicles let you enter water or air rooms even if you would otherwise not be able. Some vehicles can't go indoors, and some vehicles reduce the 3/4 of a second delay from moving between rooms to zero.

Some vehicles allow passengers. Everyone in the vehicle will receive the MV recovery bonus, although only those with the key to that vehicle will be able to drive it anywhere.

Item Values

  • v0: Vehicle Flags (see below)
  • v1: Key
Players sitting on the vehicle must have this item in their inventory to drive it.
  • v2: Capacity
The number of players or mobs that can sit in the vehicle at one time.
  • v3: MV Regen
A percentage which modifies the movement regeneration rate of anyone sitting in the vehicle.

Vehicle Flags

Vehicles can have any the following flags:

  • fast: Drivers will not take the usual tiny amount of lag from moving between rooms and will instead traverse them instantly, as fast as the game can process the commands.
  • ignoremv: Drivers will not have their MV depleted by traveling with this vehicle. Passengers never lose MV anyway.
  • sit_on: Purely cosmetic, this changes instances of 'sits in' to 'sits on' and so on when interacting with this vehicle.
  • seaworthy: Vehicles without this flag cannot travel into water rooms or through swim_only exits. Normal vehicles cannot travel into water rooms even if players can enter them on foot.
  • flying: Vehicles without this flag cannot travel into Air rooms or through flying_only exits.
  • indoors: Vehicles without this flag cannot travel into Indoor type rooms, but can always travel out of them.
  • wateronly: This flag prevents the vehicle from traveling onto NON-water rooms. If this is present without seaworthy, the vehicle is actually unusable.
  • headlights: A character in a vehicle with headlights can type 'headlights' to turn the lights on and off, providing illumination to the room the vehicle is in.