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Containers are items that have other items inside of them. They can be opened, closed, and locked like doors, as well.

Corpses behave similarly to containers but you can only get items out of corpses, and can't put items back in.

Item Flags

  • [v0] Weight: The amount of weight, in WHOLE pounds, that this container can hold. (Individual item weights are in tenths of pounds)
  • [v1] Container Flags (see below)
  • [v2] Key: The object you need to lock or unlock this container (assuming it is closeable)
  • [v3] Capacity: The absolute number of items this object can hold.
  • [v4] Weight Mult: Items in this container have their weight multiplied buy this number/100, so you can have bags that reduce weight.

Container Flags

  • closeable: Similar to the Door flag on an exit; this needs to be on for most of the other flags to be usable.
  • pickproof: Object can't be picked open. There aren't any easy/hard flags for these so the chance is just the same as the player's pick lock skill.
  • closed: Container is closed and needs to be opened before its contents can be manipulated.
  • locked: Container is locked and needs to be picked or unlocked with its key (obj's v2)
  • puton: Echoes for this container become "$n puts $p on $P" instead of "$n puts $p in $P"
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