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Armor-type items modify a player or mob's armor scores when worn. They are the only item type that can modify each armor score (bash/slash/pierce/exotic) separately.

The armor item attributes are subtracted from the player's AC in those categories, meaning the higher the armor attribute, the better, because it is then subtracted.

Armor objects have the following traits:

  • level (minimum level required to equip)
  • weight
  • value (in silver)
  • flags (These are armor specific flags; equipping limitations go here)
  • wear slots
  • AC traits
  - pierce
  - bash
  - slash
  - exotic (sometimes referred to as magic)
  • item flags (These are universal flags that apply to any item; resistance modifiers go here, among other things.)
  • element (shh. it's a secret. If innate matches, you get better defense from the armor.)

Armor Class (AC) to Damage % Calculation

The AC to damage uses level in a few places, one of which is the step size required to improve or degrade damage from the base level. This ranges from 3 to 6.

AC adjusts by 5% for each step it goes in either direction, with lower AC being better until you hit the 50% floor and higher being worse until the ceiling of 200%.

Base damage(100%) AC= (100-3xLevel)

Assuming step of 6: (most extreme case)

  • Min damage (50%) AC <= 60-3x Level
  • Max damage (200%) AC >= 220-3x Level

Assuming step size of 3: (least extreme)

  • Min damage (50%) AC <= 70-3xLevel
  • Max damage (200%) AC >= 160-3xLevel
Examples (stepsize 6)
Level max AC for 50% damage AC for 100% damage min AC for 200% damage
10 30 AC (60-(thrice 10=30)) 70 AC (100-30) 190 AC (220-30)
50 -90 AC (60-(thrice 50=150)) -50 AC (100-150) 70 AC (220-150)
100 -240 AC (60-(thrice 100=300)) -200 AC (100-300) -80 AC (220-300)

Armor scores modify incoming melee damage from 50% to 200% depending on the receiving character's armor scores -- lower is better.

The calculation for armor scores' reduction depends on the player's level and the type of incoming damage, but only reduces damage of auto-attacks. The full calculation is:

  • 500 x (3 x victim_level - ( 100 - armor_score ) ) / ( 300 + ( victim_level x 3 ) ) + 100

... capped at 50% and 200%.

In other words, you take 100% damage if your AC equals 100 - 3*level. So 97 AC at level 1, 10 AC at level 30, -20 AC at level 60, etc. Then, that damage is multiplied by 5% for each X AC away from that number you are. X ranges from 3-6, based on level.

Armor items can be enhanced with the Merchant class's Enchant Armor spell.

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