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Armor-type items modify a player or mob's armor scores when worn. They are the only item type that can modify each armor score (bash/slash/pierce/exotic) separately.

Armor scores modify incoming melee damage from 50% to 200% depending on the receiving character's armor scores -- lower is better.

The calculation for armor scores' reduction depends on the player's level and the type of incoming damage, but only reduces damage of auto-attacks. The full calculation is:

  • 500 x (3 x victim_level - ( 100 - armor_score ) ) / ( 300 + ( victim_level x 3 ) ) + 100

... capped at 50% and 200%.

In other words, you take 100% damage if your AC equals 100 - 3*level. So 97 AC at level 1, 10 AC at level 30, -20 AC at level 60, etc. Then, that damage is multiplied by 5% for each X AC away from that number you are. X ranges from 3-6, based on level.

Armor items can be enhanced with the Merchant class's Enchant Armor spell.

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