Expellian Island

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Expellian Island
Totally ordinary dungeon.
Source: Star Ocean 2 + Extras
Builder: Lilly, Benamas
Level Range: 90+
Linked: Yes

The Expellian Island is an unremarkable island in the southern Gliese Ocean. It is often the location where expert adventurers reach the peak of their strength.


There is a small cave with a statue inside. This cave, the Cave of Trials, has a big metal grate leading to god knows where, deep within the earth.


There's a Zora at a nearby island who can help you reach this place...inquire with the residents of the nearby islands to find him!


Many powerful creature inhabit this place. Visitors should be will prepared for anything.

Law, Politics, and Government

The only law here is the law of nature: survival of the fittest.


After a long flight, a curious kirby once entered the Cave of Trials before being stopped by a gentleman wearing a top hat. After discussing his joy of solving the puzzles within, he offered this advice to the gluttonous spelunker:

- You must make it to the halfway checkpoint.

- Then you must defeat the nightmare.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi has-a great respect for those who reach this-a point. The only way ta-go is ta-go forward, to the end. Everything an explorer has-a had to do will be-a tested. Bring plenty-a potions and move cautiously. Expert explorers enter-tha Cave of Trials and leave as masters."