Fort Walla Walla

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Fort Walla Walla
Walla walla.jpg
Fort Walla Walla in real life! (Washington)
Source: Various
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 10-15
Linked: Yes

Fort Walla Walla is a small military base of Fa'Diel, in the Donut Plains at the entrance to the Luon Highway.


301 - The Koopa Kingdom temporarily withdraws trade from Viorar until "a final solution is made regarding the rodent infestation" - Ludwig von Koopa

304 - Fort Walla Walla is established by the Koopa Kingdom. Under Sheriff Leone, the cavalry begin a brutal and extremely successful campaign against the chobin raiders.

305 - Walla Walla establishes a wildlife reserve, which would later be known as the Safari Zone.

306 - The successful campaign against the Chobins encourages many cities to voluntarily provide funds to keep the fort running. It acts now as a liason between the trade cities.

307 - Sheriff Leone retires, much to the dismay of his inferiors. Replaced by Ford.

308 - Sheriff Ford is fired by Koopa Kingdom. Replaced by Sturges.

316 - Sheriff Sturges dies in horrible chocobo riding accident. Replaced by Sheriff Mann, who had gone missing within a few weeks and whose body emerged from the Donut Lake months later. Killer is never found. Replaced by his deputy, Tarnashun, who had to run Fort Walla Walla during that time.

317 - Deputy Curse: A total of 9 deputies have died from horrible accidents under Tarnashun's tenure.


Pastry Safari

Once in a while, when they're bored, the Walla Walla Cavalry will offer chocobo-mounted tours of the surrounding plains. These tours are nonviolent to the wildlife..most of the time. (these tours also don't actually exist in-game)


Walla Walla has a few shops, which cater solely to caravaners.


Fort Walla Walla is the gate to Luon Highway to the west. It lies in the middle of the Donut Plains. It is merely a pitstop for travelers.


Walla Walla Cavalry

The cavalry exists entirely of koopas, usually. They keep a stable of black chocobos in the back, which they ironically have learned to tame from the chobins they've met over the years.


Many people come and go from the fort.

Law, Government, and Politics

Fort Walla Walla is an extension of the Koopa Kingdom. Outside of the fort, the cavalry must abide by local law. Inside, all Koopa Kingdom laws are followed.

The Walla Walla cavalry has one person in command, the sheriff. The sheriff sometimes has a deputy. The remaining cavalry members have equal power amongst each other, but must follow all of the sheriff's rules. Sheriffs are replaced at the Koopa Kingdom's discretion.

List of Sheriffs:
304 - 307: Sheriff Leone
307 - 308: Sheriff Ford
308 - 316: Sheriff Sturges (deceased during tenure)
316 - 316: Sheriff Mann (deceased during tenure)
316 - Now: Sheriff Tarnashun


While on patrol, a pair of rangers picked up a suspicious note. It read:

- Complete THE LUON TRAIL!


The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "The water kegs sold here are a-mazing for deep exploration where water is scarce, but they sure are-a heavy! The Rabite canteens are-a better choice for less muscular explorers. Koopa forces have-a variety of elemental attributes."