Freeza's Spaceship

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Freeza's Spaceship
Source: Dragon Ball
Builder: MTSowbug
Level Range: 26-35
Linked: Yes

Freeza's Spaceship flies around.. in space!


Relax in a rejuvenating stasis pod or see the cleft from space! Be a part of an autocracy and sail the stars, never knowing when you will die a horrible death for displeasing the great Lord Freeza!


The ship is constantly moving and will not always been in the same place. However, some adventurers have reported seeing a strange beam in the Sulfataska Mountains at night. Travelers are advised to show caution since getting off a ship in mid flight isn't as simple as getting on.


Freeza's minions are highly trained lobstermen bearing high security arms. It is their job to protect the ship from intruders. Also to clean the toilet.

Law, Government, and Politics

Being an airborne ship run by a tyrannical alien overlord, the laws of the land below do not apply here. One either obeys Lord Freeza or they are sent out the airlock.


While carrying out Freeza's meaningless tasks to stay alive, a Lobsterman once counted the remaining seconds of his life when he found out he was today's toy, selected by a process of drawing these daily objectives:

- Find where Dodoria's hiding.

- Beat the galactic overlord, Freeza.

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Watch for alarms, facing more than one foe is rarely-a good idea. Electricity, Fire, and Wood magic work well here."