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Dogs not included.
Source: Mana Series/Crystalis/Okami/Paper Mario
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 90-99
Linked: Yes

Goa is a militaristic nation that has repeatedly tried to invade Fa'Diel, even securing territories like Pandora and Lasacul for short periods.


190: Goa focuses its efforts on military development.

220-228: The Coronar War (More in general cleft History.)

305: Goa sends forces to reclaim old territory and search for treasure to pay for their previous losses nearly a century ago. A Goan ship mysteriously disappears in the Sea of Wonders in search of the Moon Palace.

Present Day: The Clan of the Lime Tree form a resistance, operating in the shadows across the cleft.


Brynmaer - A small port town that would be a popular tourism stop if it wasn't for the current regime. Exquisite kimonos and food made here have a lot of potential.

Sei-an City - The biggest piece of civilization on Goa, home to the Goa Fortress. Fighters around the cleft who are deemed acceptable by Goa's ideals are invited to face each other in combat at the Glitz Pit.

Shinshu Field - A sprawling countryside across the continent, Goan patrols are often spotted keeping the roads between Sei-an City and Brynmaer.

Hydra Mountains - Rough mountains home to a bunch of hydras that surrounds the Fire Palace, where an artifact is being secured by Goan forces. An abandoned zoo can be found somewhere inside the mountains, where hydras were kept at one point in time.

Shyron - A small, hidden village nestled in on the western side of the Hydra Mountains, far from the constant eyes of the government.


Goa has prohibited entry to and departure from the continent, but a ferry from Joel Island is able to transport individuals carrying proper identification. Rumors have it that members of the resistance are planning a way in.


Goan soldiers and citizens are mostly human while hydras dominate the nearby mountains. A portion of the Goan army is also made up of various monsters, summoned by the Sorceress Sabera.

Law, Government and Politics

King Azteca harshly leads Goa with a lot of ambition, served by his Finest Four: The Assassin Mado, The Sorceress Sabera, General Kelbesque, and Head Priest Karmine. Goa is a military kingdom with a focus for expanding its territory and ruling with an iron fist. Joel Island is a territory of Goa, with a large fort full of soldiers on it. The Clan of the Lime Tree are actively attempting to take down King Azteca with their tiny resistance without much luck.


Goa's quests are completed a bit differently than those in other areas. They consist of a chain of quests leading from one to the other where, at times, token-like items will be given to you and can be used to resume from where you left off, so keep an eye on them. Side quests include:

Cured an incurable disease?

Received an inheritance?

Reunited lovers?

Delivered the Living Sword?

Some of these quests are missable, some require revisiting Goa again in another life. Keep a sharp eye out, for Goa is full of even more secrets than this!

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "It's-a too bad that Goa is under such-a political turmoil. Luigi finds the land beautiful and-a bountiful! It's the only place Luigi can find-a Ultra Shroom, which is-a very tasty and perks Luigi right back up! It's-a very dangerous place, so Luigi would keep-a full stock of healing supplies and expect enemies to be a-ggressive and target Luigi's friends."