How I Came to the Cleft

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Unknown Location

April 28 of the year 323

Luna's Day

When Stalhammer was born, he was trained in the arts of the knight. But when his father became ill he went to a monk to see if he could help. The monk helped enough to get his father, Doomhammer, to give Stalhammer his first set of knuckles.

After that, Doomhammer disappeared into the Cleft never to be seen again. So with no trainer to train him he went with the monk to learn his ways.

But, when Stalhammer was trained he received a note from someone. It read: "Dear Stalhammer, I have your father. If you do not bring 90,000 gold pieces to the Spirit Temple into the Cleft of Dimensions. I will kill him. Sincerely, ?????"

So Stalhammer set off to the rift he knew would take him to the Cleft.

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