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For the sake of vanity, various staff members have set up shops that you can only access by trading in an immortal token. Some of these shops are hidden somewhere in the cleft, others require contacting an immortal.

Tea House of Ageatii

Hidden somewhere in the cleft, the Tea House of Ageatii can be accessed by trading in a clay cup of ageatea. A bank is present inside the shop for your convenience, but make sure you buy everything you came here for before leaving! The shop keeper, the Basilisk Ronin offers the following items:

  • Steel Fist Sake (1)
Cost: 300g Level: 50 Weight: 0lbs
It is a potion with the level 50 spells of Attack Up, Encore and Encore
  • Steel Soul Sake
Cost: 300g Level: 50 Weight: 0lbs
It is a potion with the level 50 spells of Protect, Encore and Encore
  • Rare Ores Grab Bag (%)
Cost: 500g Level: 0 Charges: 3 Cooldown: 0 minutes Weight: 0lbs
It is an event that randomly creates rare crafting materials.
  • Masterball (%)
Cost: 750g Level: 65 Charges: -1 Cooldown: 2 minutes Weight: 1lbs
It is an event that will charm and enslave the target, unless it is immune to charm or you already have a pet. It will then vanish.
  • Piece of Heart (x)(!)
Cost: 1500g Level: 0 Weight: 0lbs
If you get four of these it will give you an additional 50 max HP.
  • Organ of the Evening Calm (m)
Cost: 2000g Level: 40 Cooldown: 10 minutes Weight: 2lbs
It is a rod that can be worn as a shield and it casts a level 150 spell of Calm. It also affects HP by +150 and affects armor class by -40. This is an instrument that can affect Harvest Sprites, too.
  • Warp Whistle (Currently DISABLED)
Cost: 4000g Level: 0 Charges: 100 Cooldown: 0 minutes Weight: 1lbs
It is an event that will call forth a spiraling vortex that carries you to a warp zone. The warp zone has pipes leading down to many locations around the world.
  • Dainty Cup of Ageatea (!)(x)(*)
Cost: 6000g Level: 0 Weight: 0lbs
It is a handy and weightless fountain of tea.
  • Stone Mask (!)
Cost: 10,000g Level: 60 Weight: 2lbs
Wearing this mask makes you permanently invisible(unless you enter a fight like the spell) but also makes you vulnerable to weapons, magic and degrades your dexterity by 4. With great power comes...Great weakness?

The Wigglytuff Store (Carsanquay)

Wigglytuff, the mysterious entity, will sell you these items for a frightening amount of gold and a tuna token. This shop requires an immortal to load Wigglytuff, so send an immortal a tell when you're willing to purchase an item. Each item costs 1 tuna token and its gold amount.

  • the wand of banishment (*)
Cost: 1,500g Level: 0 Weight: 3lbs
This wand will send the target to a twisted void of shadow and horror. It will disappear when exhausted.
  • It has 40 (max 40) charges of level 100 'Xzone'.
  • Lobster Power
Cost: 3,000g Level: 0 Weight: 1lb
This staff, worn on the wrist, will enhance your power. It protects the wearer with a mystical barrier of thorns, enable the wearer to swim, make them slightly tougher, and possibly improve their love life. Or not.
  • This staff improves Constitution by 2, Damroll by 5, AC by -10, adds Swim, and grants the Thorn Shield effect.
  • It has 20 charges of level 50 'Attack Up'.
  • a lazy shell
Cost: 3,000g Level: 0 Weight: 35lbs
This huge shell is worn on the torso. It makes the user a little tougher, but makes it harder to move freely. You could easily carry junk in this.
  • This container improves Constitution by 1, worsens Dexterity by 2, and improves AC by -15. It's also a container, which can hold up to 10000 items weighing up to 10000 pounds, in total. The weight of all those items is reduced to 10% of their normal value.
  • a minivan
Cost: 6,000g Level: 60 (70 to purchase) Weight: 25lbs
  • This is a van. You can ride in it! Sweet! Insanely strong people can also hulk out and use this as a weapon. Ouch. I don't even want to think about what that would do to your premiums.
  • A minivan is a level 60 vehicle with seating for 8. It ignores move, and, when wielded as a weapon, affects dexterity by -4, damage roll by 70, armor class by -9,and hit roll by 100. WHAM!
  • the pratfallotron
Cost: 2,250g Level: 0 Weight: 2 lbs
This item can be held. What it does is a mystery.

The Bountiful Garden Cafe & Gift Shop (Lilly)

The lovely waitstaff of this cafe have plenty to offer, both food and trinkets alike, as long as you have a Bag of Grass Seed (and plenty of gold) to exchange in return! This shop is hidden somewhere in the cleft and costs a single Bag of Grass Seed to enter. A bank is present, so be sure not to leave the shop until you've purchased everything you came here for!


  • A Bountiful Garden designer tote bag
Cost: 2000g, Level: 8, Weight: 2lbs
Elegant and sturdy, this thing holds a lot!
  • Weight Cap: 300lbs, Item Cap: 120, Weight Reduction: 40%
  • Can be held or worn over the shoulder! AC -5, Moves +50, Wis & Int +1
  • A Bountiful Garden designer canteen
Cost: 1000g, Level: 1, Weight: 1lbs
One of our best-selling souvenirs!
  • Holds 250 units of liquid, starting with pre-filled root beer.
  • Can be held, HP & Mana +20
  • A Caramel Mocha Latte
Cost: 500g, Level: 50, Weight: 0lbs
Great for those who need a quick pick-me-up (and we do mean "quick")!
  • This is a single-use potion with Lv110 spells of "Haste", "Regen" & "Extension"
  • An Angelic Energy Drink
Cost: 650g, Level: 50, Weight: 0lbs
Downing one of these is guaranteed to bring about a heavenly experience!
  • This is a single-use potion with Lv80 spells of "Attack Up", "Valor", & "Seraph Form"
  • A Slice of Bountiful Garden Cafe's Cherry Cheesecake
Cost: 50g, Level 5, Weight: 0lbs
The signature treat of the Bountiful Garden Cafe! Few leave without having tried some at least once!
  • This is food that provides 15 hours of satiation and 7 hours of fullness.
  • Also heals the consumer by ~450 HP!
  • A Whole Bountiful Garden Cafe's Cherry Cheesecake
Cost: 200g, Level: 5, Weight 1lbs
Why stop at just one slice when you can have the whole thing?
  • This is a useable item that creates a slice of cheesecake when activated.
  • Provides 6 slices total, and is no-recharge.

Gift Shop

  • A Bountiful Garden 'Vol Wolf' Essence Bulb (!)(%)(m)(1)
Cost: 4000g, Level: 50, Weight: 0lbs
A faithful companion for the more-traveled adventurer. Shockingly loyal!
  • This is a useable item that will summon a Lv50 'Vol Wolf' as a pet.
  • It has 1 charge, but does not disappear when exhausted.
  • A Bountiful Garden 'Rappy' Essence Bulb (!)(%)(m)(1)
Cost: 2500g, Level: 30, Weight: 0lbs
A cute companion for the seasoned, but not super-experienced, traveler. Cuddly in its own way!
  • This is a useable item that will summon a Lv30 'Rappy' as a pet.
  • It has 1 charge, but does not disappear when exhausted.
  • An Adventurously-Cut, Pale Rose Tube Top (!)(%)(1)
Cost: 3800g, Level: 15, Weight: 1lbs
Sleek and provocative, worn only by the most outgoing of ladies. Designed by our resident succubus, Natalie!
  • This is a wand-type item that can be worn on the torso and is flagged AntiMale.
  • AC +25, Hitroll +5, Damroll +10, Magroll+5, Mana +100
  • Contains 20 charges of Lv50 'Charm'
  • (Bountiful Garden) Rose Dress Shoes (!)
Cost: 3200g, Level: 20, Weight: 1lbs
Cute in their presentation and easy to move around in! These are the standard footwear apparel for our waitstaff.
  • This is a wand-type item that can be worn on the feet and is flagged AntiMale.
  • AC -20, Int/Wis+1, Dex +2, Mana +50, Magroll+2
  • Contains 30 charges of Lv120 'Mana Restore'
  • (Bountiful Garden) A Pleated, Dark Rose Dress Skirt (!)
Cost: 3000g, Level: 30, Weight: 1lbs
Stylish and elegant, this classy skirt is the standard legwear apparel for our waitstaff.
  • This is an armor that can be worn on the legs and is flagged AntiMale.
  • AC: 38 pierce/slash/bash, 45 Magic
  • Int & Wis +1, HP/Mana/Mov +50, Magroll+3
  • Adds resistance to iron & silver
  • (Bountiful Garden) A Ruffle-Sleeved, Rose-Hued Blouse (!)
Cost: 3000g, Level: 30, Weight: 1lbs
Professional with a touch of grace, this pretty blouse is the standard upperwear apparel for our waitstaff.
  • This is an armor that can be worn on the torso and is flagged AntiMale.
  • AC: 38 pierce/slash/bash, 45 magic
  • Int & Wis +1, HP/Mana/Mov +50, Magroll+3
  • Adds resistance to charm & mental
  • A Soft and Cuddly Flammie Plushie (!) (1)
Cost: 8000g, Level: 85, Weight: 1lbs
A soft, furry and squishy representation of the gentle Manabeast herself. A strong magical aura surrounds this toy; known to bring happiness to those who can afford one!
  • This is a wand-type item that can be held.
  • Mov +150, Mana/HP +250, Damroll/Magroll/Hitroll +5, Str & Wis +1
  • Contains 20 charges of Lv100 'Float'
  • A Giant Sunflower Pillow (!)(1)
Cost: 3500g, Level: 12, Weight: 3lbs
A bright decoration to throw around the house, yet sturdy enough to bring into combat!
  • This is a furniture-type item that increases HP/Mana regen rates by 300%,
  • can hold one person, and can be worn as a shield.
  • HP +75, Con +3, AC -20, Mana +30
  • A Golden Ankh of Venus (!)(%)(1)
Cost: 2500g, Level: 30, Weight: 0lbs
A symbol of the female gender itself, this trinket is guaranteed to turn your world upside down! Or is it inverted? We're not too sure, really. Has a unique effect if used with the full Bountiful Garden Waitress' ensemble.
  • This is a useable item that can be worn around the neck. When used, it will cast Lv30 'Change Sex' & 'Extension' on the user if a target is not selected, or a specified player if one is selected.
  • It has unlimited charges, with a cooldown of 3 minutes.
  • Wis & Int +2, Mana +50
  • A Flammie Jetbike (!)(1)
Cost: 6800g, Level: 50, Weight: 5lbs
Highly prized and consistently ranked at the top of most customers' "Most-Wanted" lists, this blazing vehicle boasts speed and durability, as well as easy carrying ability when not in use!
  • This is a vehicle that is ignores movement during usage, is fast, and flying. It can hold 2 people, and can be worn on the body.
  • Damroll +3, AC -10, HP +75, Mana +50, Mov +100
  • A Piece of Mind (!)(x)
Cost: 1500g, Level: 1, Weight: 0lbs
The long-awaited counterpart to the Piece of Heart, obtaining four of these will boost your maximum Mana by 50!
  • Collect four of these and turn them in to an Immortal to obtain +50 Max Mana.
  • A Token of Expansion (!)(x)(1)
Cost: 3500g, Level: 1, Weight: 0lbs
Bigger houses, more room, happier guests! This token allows you to expand your house space by one room. Useful when you just don't have enough restring tokens (damn that stingy Lilly)!
  • Give this token to an Immortal in charge of Player Housing to waive the cost of 1 room! Mobs, objects, and anything else not included.
  • A Token of Conversion (!)(x)(1)
Cost: 3000g, Level: 85, Weight: 0lbs
You ask, and we answered! This token allows an adventurer to exchange 50 practice sessions for 5 training sessions! The power involved is a fickle one, however, and only one of these may be used per incarnation!
  • This is a useable item that will deduct 50 practices and bestow 5 trains to the user. The player is then flagged for the playthrough, and may not use another one until reaching the appropriate level of their next remort session.
  • A Token of Exchange
Cost: 2500g, Level: 50, Weight: 0lbs
Did you pick the wrong weaponskill? Are you tired of the one you DID pick and yearn for something else? We've got you covered! Simply exchange this trinket to Lilly to exchange your old weaponskill for a new one (at 50% of the original's "learned" percentage rate)!
  • This is an exchangeable that will trade one weaponskill of your choice for a new one. The new weaponskill will be bestowed at half the learned rate of the one being swapped out.

<(The Magician's Trick)>

If you've received a black silk top hat with a red velvet band, you can visit Ozlynn's magical shop! By dropping the hat and entering it (which will promptly pick it back up), you can freely purchase these 4 items:

  • A Magikoopa Kap (1)
Cost: 750g, Level: 16, Weight: 4 lbs
Use this hat to recall with style and hustle your goods to unsuspecting citizens, like a true Magikoopa! (Do not use in nonsmoking areas)
  • This hat is an event that boosts INT by 1 and Mana by 30. It has 4 charges of recall.
  • A solid brick of cheese
Cost: 100g, Level:1, Weight: 10 lbs
This big brick of cheese will provide 5 hours of satiation and 20 hours of fullness, but be warned: Eating 10 pounds of cheese in a single sitting might cause one to feel lethargic.
  • A twinkle, twinkle little star
Cost: 60g, Level: 5, Weight: 1 lbs
  • This little star will guide you through darkness forever!.. Or at least 240 hours, whichever comes first. It affects Mana by 10 and saves by -2
  • A fancy bottle of orange juice
Cost: 320g, Level: 10, Weight 3 lbs
Start your day out right. Start your day with orange juice!
  • This is a drink container that holds 95 units, starting with orange juice.

For Serious Magicians

These items can only be purchased by trading in a tophat for each transaction. Magical!

  • A Personal Dimension
Cost: 6,200g, Level 30, Weighing 1 lbs.
Holds 15 items weighing up to 10,000 pounds, Reducing weight by 100%
Worn in float slot
  • Adds regeneration, HP/Mana/MV +110
  • A Warp Star
Cost: 14,500g, Level 90 vehicle, Weighing 20 lbs.
Holds 2 people, affects regen by 100%
Fast, flying, indoors and ignores MV
Worn in shield slot
  • Affects hitroll by -3, AC -45, damroll +16, HP/Mana +120
Note: It cannot be used by mobs
  • A pair of hypno-goggles (%)
Cost: 3,600 Level 35 event, weighing 2 lbs
Has 100(max 100) charges with a cooldown of 120 minutes, with norecharge
Worn in face slot
It will hypnotize/tame the target, then enslave them!
  • Affects Con +2, AC -10, HP +40
  • A shiny cummerbund (%)
Cost: 13,500g, Level 50 rod, Weighing 0 lbs.
Casts level 50 Dazzle, with a 10 minute cooldown.
Worn in waist slot
  • Affects AC -10, Mana +150, HP +50
  • A large, striped bow tie (!)
Cost: 12,500g, Level 80 rod, Weighing 1 lbs.
Casts level 10 Charge, with a 5 minute cooldown, with norecharge
Worn in neck slot
  • Affects AC -5, HP +60, Mana +380, WIS +2, Int +2
  • A pair of glossy tap dancing shoes (!)
Cost: 11,000g Level 35 event, weighing 4 lbs.
Has infinite charges with a 20 minute cooldown, with norecharge
Worn in feet slot
Tap dance in ways that might make you kick, break someone's heart, or get pumped and charged!
  • Affects HP +30, Mana +40, AC -20, MV +100, dex +2
  • A flashy black suede cape, lined in red silk
Cost: 10,500g, Level 38 rod, weighing 8 lbs.
Casts level 15 Invisibility, with a 30 minute cooldown, with norecharge
Worn in about slot
  • Affects AC -16, MV +30, Mana +110, HP +105, adds float
Note: It cannot be used by mobs
  • A sterling silver cufflink (!)
Cost: 1000g, Level 0 staff, weighing 0 lbs.
Has 20(max 25) charges of level 40 Haste
Worn in wrist slot
  • Affects damroll/hitroll +5, Ac -10, dex +2, adds ice shield
  • A Disco Star
Cost: 8,000g, Level 1.
  • Summons a temporary float item and a temporary light item for a super boost!
  • A false memory (x)
Cost 15,000g, Level 0, weighing 0 lbs.
Give this memory to Ozlynn and have her jam it into your head, but be warned, she'll take a memory in exchange!
  • Trade in a skill NOT in your current class, which you remorted into the class you are now, for another skill of another class.
  • The skill you wish to receive may not be a qspell, megamagic, a style(for simplicity's sake), or a skill that's outside what the current classes have available to them.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

The Black Market (Cooper)

Hidden somewhere in the Cleft, the bartender of The Thieves' Den will accept a coin made of pyrite featuring the smug grinning mug of Cooper himself for access to The Black Market. Certain items can only be acquired by exchanging the coin!

Surplus Contraband

  • Terrible, glittering potion (1)
Cost: 350g Level: 30 Weight: 4lbs
Potion that casts level 80 Darkmatter and level 80 Bleeding.
  • It is not recommended to drink these yourself.
  • Bottled enchantment essence
Cost: 250g Level: 8 Light: 80 hours Weight: 5lbs
Used as light
  • Affects ac -2, damroll 1
  • Bag of unusual food (x) (q) (A)
Cost: 25,000g Level: 40 Weight: 0lbs
Worn in hold
Event that spawns a random food on a 15 minute cooldown. Rechargeable, infinite charges.
  • Glass rod tipped with a beer keg (1) (m) (A)
Cost: 10,000g Level: 0 Weight: 2lbs
Worn in hold
Rod that casts level 1 Create Booze on a 10 minute cooldown. Rechargeable.
  • Affects con 5

Rare and Exotic High-Risk Trading

  • Tanuki Leaf (%) (1) (A)
Cost: 20,000g Level: 40 Charges: 30 Cooldown: 1 minute Weight 0lbs
Worn in float
Event item that equips the user with the Tanuki Suit. Suit is worn in head, face, about, legs, and feet and must be removed with the leaf, or by dying. How convenient! The leaf does not need to be worn while the suit is worn.
  • Affects saves -10, hp 25, hitroll 5
  • Suit grants infrared, detect hidden, motivation, sneak, fast, 500 move, 400 hp, 250 mana, 15 dex, 5 str, 10 damroll, 15 hitroll
  • Instalux brand instant tent (x) (!) (%) (1) (A) (norecharge)
Cost: 1,500g Level: 1 Charges: 500 Cooldown: 1 minute Weight 0lbs
Worn in hold
Event item that spawns a temporary tent. The tent grants 1000/1000 health/mana regen and can fit 5 people up to 10,000lbs. The tent disappears after 10 minutes or when the person who used the Instalux brand instant tent leaves the room.
  • Hooked staff, for thievery (1) (A)
Cost: 3,000g Level 23 Weight: 3lbs
Long bashing weapon
  • Claw attacks (slashing) 6d12 (average 39)
  • Affects dex 5, hitroll 2
  • Weapon flags: sharp, leaf
  • Has a 3% chance to steal coins from your target, once per target (success percentage based on your own level).
  • Chrome cufflink (!) (1) (noexplode)
Cost: 1,000g Level 0 Charges: 15 (25max) Cooldown: 0 Weight .5lbs
Worn on wrist
Wand that casts level 5 Psyke Up with 15 charges (25 max)
  • Affects ac -10, saves -10, wisdom 2, strength 2, magroll 5
  • Pair of finely tailored crocodile skin, suede padded leggings (1)
Cost: 18,000g Level: 31 Weight 10lbs
Worn on legs
Armor with 25/25/25/25
  • Affects moves 300, mana 200, hp 100, dex 3, damroll 5, hitroll 2
  • High-tech steel-reinforced designer tote bag
Cost: 2,000g Level: 8 Weight: 10lbs
Worn on shoulders, hold
Container with 100 item capacity, up to 300lbs. Items weigh 30% of normal.
  • Affects ac -15, mana 20, str 3
  • Super Potato Plushie (!) (%) (1) (A)
Cost: 4,500g Level: 3 Cooldown: 3 minutes Weight: 2lbs
Worn in hold
Rod that casts level 3 Create Food on a 3 minute cooldown
  • Affects ac -10, saves -5, moves 50, wis 1, int 1, con 1, dex 1, str 1
  • Pouch-laden sash (!) (A) (noexplode)
Cost: 3,500g Level: 17 Charges: 70 Weight: 3lbs
Worn in waist
Wand with 70 charges of level 1 Idle Hands
  • Affects ac -10, moves 100, hitroll 5
  • Unusually large flask, modified for use as a shield (!) (noexplode)
Cost: 23,000g Level 71 Units: 300 Weight: 12lbs
Worn as shield
Drink container with 300 units of whisky. Refillable.
  • Affects ac -40, con 5, damroll 5, magroll 5
  • Grants resistance to draining
  • Ring of pure condensed magic (1) (A) (norecharge)
Cost: 25,000g Level: 60 Cooldown: 15 minutes Weight: 2lbs
Worn on finger
Rod that casts level 60 Rainbow on a 15 minute cooldown
  • Affects saves -10, mana 600, int 5, magroll 4

(x)= Uncounted (!)= Adhesive (*)= Magic (%)= No Check (m)= Hum (1)= Unique (A)= Anti-mob