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Kent pc.png
Tempermental Templar
Age: 27
Race: Human (Tainted)
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Legio Aurea

In a world of ancient culture, the world is still driven by the two most powerful forces known to man. On one side, Religion serves as the political backbone. On the other hand, magic is a source of power, fueled by demons and heresy. These two sides became bitter rivals, but Religion still became the norm. Kingdoms were set up, each with their own belief in what they believe to be right. Orders of knights were set up to spread the message of their god and to protect their land. That's where Kent comes in.

Kent was taken at a very young age to be trained as a Knight. The Order was the Legio Aurea, following the teachings of the Book of Gold, the Liber Aurum. The difference between the Legio Aurea and other orders however was significant. Where the other orders sent to protect a land, they represented only their god as their lord. If their was someone who opposed their god to violently, they began to seek it out with one of their knights. For this reason, it was assumed they were an order of witch hunters. This was only partially true. They hunted down demons that would torment the innocent and seek out heretics, but they would let those with a chance of redemption the ability to atone, and go as far as to offer the sinner protection so that their former masters do not seek retaliation against them for seeing the light.

Kent was different, though. The boy sought out any opportunity he had to better himself. He had quickly climbed the ranks of the best in training, and by the time he was knighted it was no hidden fact that he was one of the greatest warriors, new or old, of the Legion. However, Kent saw that the ultimate authority on spreading the word of his god was the Liber Aurum itself, and began to disobey the orders of his Legatus and the Centurio if he believed that he had a more righteous way of action. As an ambitious warrior, he began to ask for any hints of demons nearby for him the slay in the name of their lord. This eventually lead to his exile and damnation.

The lesser demon Kroniid was slain at Kent's hands. Before this, Kent had already sought out and killed several other demons and unholy beats without permission. However, message of Kroniid's death spread quickly. Kent was not sent to slay, no informed of the demon by the Legio Aurea. The Legion took offence to that action and labeled Kent as a murderer before setting him in front of the council. There, he admitted his goals and intentions. Kent finally presented a note containing all of the demon's sins and trespasses, and an accurate retelling of its death and the state of its corpse. The note was written upon the scalp of the demon itself. Such an act appalled the legion, and so Kent was banished to the life of an exile without shame. Kent instead asked to keep his sword instead of his honor, as it was the tool that would serve him, and that he deserved to keep his title of a warrior. He left with only his blade,the shame of a disgraced Knight, and a damned fate of an exile.

The exile refused to abandon his teachings. He grew a more bitter mentality. He was damned to eternal suffering for his sins, but he would still spread the word of his god and serve for his glory. And he would take as many unholy beasts down to his Hell with him as he could. He took up the job of a demon hunter, going from town to town when he could collect rumors of where they lived, and hopefully pay for delivering their head. Kent never stopped his collection of 'trophies' either. This continued for several years, he had grown a popular hunter to seek out, and had over a hundred demons recorded dead by his hand. His demon hunting career seemed to end though, with his final battle with a Greater Demon. Dolor, the lord of pain, grief, and regret. Just before Kent was about to strike his final blow, Lord Dolor had cast his most powerful spell, sending the Knight to a realm so much unlike his own.


Kent has been trained from a young age to be a warrior, and it shows. He has the strength and finesse to fence elegantly with his broadsword despite its weight. He has also developed an unorthodox way of fighting. Kent has been seen using a vast array of blunt shield attacks to take down enemies, using it as equally for offence as he does for defense. Outside of combat, Kent is trained in the art of leather working, blacksmithing, and even sewing to some degree, as most of what he wears he can reforge and repair himself. He also, strangely enough, has excellent penmanship.

The most notable ability he possesses, however, is his tainted blood. By some means, unbeknownst to him, his exposure to the curses and fires of demons during his career as tainted his blood with Hellfire. As of this moment, the only noticeable effect that it has is he is immune to fire and burns. However, Kent in turn has a weakness towards cold weather, and often complains about how cold it is whenever temperatures start approaching freezing.



Relationships with Other Characters:

Kimen: The child Kimen was one of the first encounters he had in the world. Different from Kent in almost every way, Kimen's cool head and innocence were able too balance out with Kent's stubbornness and irrationality. The two made quick friends, and have grown to the point where Kent is training the young child in combat so that they can defend themself. Even so, Kimen's studies in the magical arts always proves as a sore spot, and often leads to arguments between them.

Kahleen: Immediately after falling into Truce, he was introduced to the woman as she immediately tried to steal his sword. After she succeeded overall, Kahleen noticed how unstable the knight had grown as he could only cry as his defense. She tossed the silver weapon back saying only the words "you're pathetic." As an ironic twist of fate, the two became a couple after Kent spent a bad night drunk in the streets. Her involvement in his life is mostly responsible for Kent's new tolerance for those he previously views as unholy.

Garoth: The pumpkinhead mage and Kent have an odd relationship. Kent used to have an eerie feeling around non-humans, but Garoth's perpetual smile and lighthearted personality slowly but surely made Kent more aware of the similarities between him and other people. Garoth is, however, a fire mage, and the two often have disagreements about the morality of the practice, despite them occasionally fighting side-by-side. These arguments are known to persist at the most inconvinient of times, as well, often in the middle of combat!