Lea Monde

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Lea Monde
Overgrown and useless
Source: Vagrant Story
Builder: Pisces
Level Range: 36-40
Linked: Yes

Lea Monde is a ruined city in southeastern Fa'Diel, not far from the McNeil Woods.


100 - Lea Monde is established. It is the first major economic power in the Cleft.

110 - Lea Monde laborers finish construction of various roads that lead through the terrain of the non-mountainous Fa'Diel lands.

126 - Establishes trade outposts (or guard stations) along Luon Highway in response to Viorar's independence. Lea Monde gains more economic power by acting as a trade gatekeeper to the region.

170 - Everyone in the city of Lea Monde mysteriously dies overnight. Those away from home avoid returning or staying, and the city falls to ruins over time.

Present - A group of soldiers are investigating the city ruins for answers to the past catastrophe.


The city once featured gorgeous botanical gardens, but these days its just a pile of rubble. There are rumors of a Palace that floats in the sky above the city, but no one really knows anything about it.


Lea Monde rests close to the southeastern coast of Fa'Diel, surrounded by woods on all sides. To get here, one must travel through McNeil Woods.


McNeil Woods goblins slowly moved into the town over time, ignoring established lore about the cursed city.

Selva of the Four Winds

The Wisdom Selva has been known to roam these ruins.

Law, Government and Politics

There is no law!


A trio of soldiers once brainstormed ideas based on their findings around the city, and somehow managed to bring up these questions:

- Have we defeated Geshtar?


- Unleashed a horrible curse?

- Or attained a gusty blessing?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Luigi wonders what could have caused such-a catastrophe for Lea Monde, but he knows better than to stay in-a cursed city for too long!"