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Lenai; kickass adorable catgirl
Age: 19
Race: Reploid
Status: Alive (Revived)
Affiliation: None

Appearance and Physiology

Lenai stands around 5'6" in height, has a pair of light blue eyes and long pink hair, and weights roughly 230 lbs of metal and organic tissues. Although a reploid, Lenai technically has a semi-biological powering system, running off of the calories contained in food; as such, her body stores excess energy for later as literal body fat. As most reploids, Lenai has a buster in her arm; hers, however, is a large gatling gun, which fires smaller buster rounds at rapid speeds, tearing through her enemies. She is generally found in a black hoodie with large, black cat ears, a pair of shorts, and large robotic boots with small jet engines inside, which she uses to fly by her own power.


Lenai has a cat-like curiousity, and will often butt her head in places where she doesn't seem to belong; the fortunate part is that she's intelligent and strong enough to generally prove a useful asset in such places. Although at moments she seems she is entirely out of reality, and will say entirely odd ball things, she will also snap back with the best ideas anyone could think of; although she may not entirely grasp reality, her ability to reason and calculate is profound. She will often purr, meow, and otherwise act like a cat, especially when she's trying to be cute. Sadly, her attempts at being cute are generally ignored, and she receives little more than a raised eyebrow of confusion.