Lunatic Fringe

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Active: Year 324 - 327

Clan Status: Active

They are mad! MAD, I TELL YOU!!

Okay, what you really need to know is that various explorers found each other while poking their noses places noses don't normally go, and certainly not outside of large, heavily armed groups. Some took to each other and started hanging out. They even built a clubhouse to hang out with each other. They even visit it some times.

It's the most unofficial sort of guild. Why, they haven't even picked official colors or anything... yet.

They hold to various tenets that they are more than willing to share.

Fringe Tenets

  • Fringers may steal, but never from each other.
    • Gather spoils and split them fairly and equitably.
    • Charity for those in need is a good thing.
  • Fringers are honest and forthright, or outright refuse to answer when speaking to each other.
  • Friends don't let friends face continent or world destroying power alone. (Unless they rush ahead and forget to wait for backup.)
  • Smart fringers don't race ahead without backup unless they know that they can handle it.
  • Fringers should conspire to excel. In this world of magical power, this means that preturnatural powers should be cultivated.
  • Fringers are sexy beasts, but don't abuse this talent.

Known Members