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Pickpocket - NL
Age: Too young to know better (probably)
Race: Moogle
Status: Alive
Affiliation: New Luberia

Appearance and Beha--

Huh? No way. That's so dry! What a bore! C'mon, don't you know anything?


That's more like it! I usually wear standard moogle-sized jester stuff. I'm not crazy about the eye-stripe deal, but I guess it's tradition. I usually skip it anyway, though! I love bright colors and flashy looks, and if I had the money, I'd totally wear costumes! Life's too boring to wear stupid stuff like tunics and jeans and all that bland washed-out junk. Give me a chocobo suit--cruelty free please--or a jester costume, something in bright reds or yellows or really super light blue! I gotta stand out, you know?! Life's too short and so am I!

Acts and Gigs

I get paid by the people who watch my acts. I never take much, promise! And I like to sort out things. But if I see one more stupid "PUSH THE BLOCK" puzzle I'm just gonna cry! So uninspired, you know?! It's so much more fun to race the door and roll under it. Oh! Oh, I'm a juggler and a street performer. I know how to juggle balls, clubs, and knives, but I'm not really strong enough for stuff like chainsaws. I like to juggle flaming clubs, though--it's a good way to keep warm on those colder nights in the Viorar streets! Give me a city over a swamp any day, kupo. Oh, and the other week, I found something GREAT--it's like a bicycle but with just one wheel! I'm gonna practice riding it until I can juggle and ride all through the town--what a draw!

Personal Favorites

I love mixers and sharing drinks. I like to dance, but not that stuffy kind the guys in the caves do. You gotta get close, kupo, so close that the fur tickles them! ...Not that mine would. I keep it clean and soft, just the way it should be. It's hard to find a place to wash my stuff that won't bleed the colors, but who cares? I like to party, I like to juggle, I like to do fun stuff, and really what else matters? I'm just a moogle, ya know.

I like miss Mordy. She's clever, but I haven't seen her in a while. She's nice, too. The Big Guy I haven't seen lately either. I wonder where everybody got too? Oh well. If they're gone, they're boring, so I'm going out. Speaking of boring, this is. Bye!

"This diminutive moogle is a heavy-hitting, hard-drinking son of a bitch with gold fever, a silver tongue, and a lead pipe." --Benamas

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