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No Picture!
Age: 167 Years
Race: Matango
Status: Alive
Affiliation: (Non-Canon RP Only)



To come!

Druidic Abilities

Woodland Stride

One of the basic Druid skills learned is how to pass through undergrowth, thorns, brambles, and similar natural obstacles without harm or hindrance. This applies to pretty much any 'natural' overgrowth, but anything magically altered to impede progress still affects Menmenth.

Trackless Step

Another basic Druid skill is the ability to traverse nature's terrain and not leave evidence behind, at all. Menmenth does not leave a traceable trail, or really /any/ kind of trail at all when traveling through a natural environment, excepting when he so desires. This does NOT exclude being followed via magical means; however anyone attempting to track him by following any sort of trail will find he has left none...usually.

Minor Wild-Shape

Impressed with his old mentor's abilities to change form, Menmenth has gone out of his way to examine various critters and attempting to, well, change into them. His abilities have not yet reached the 'standard' of wild-shaping, however his doggedness in pursuing the art has led him to be able to affect a minor form the ability. Menmenth has pretty much gone out of his way to chase down various animal and plant-creature types, to form a basic understanding of how to wild-shape into most anything. As such, his known minor shapes compass a good portion of the various possible creature types, but he can currently only shape-change a few times a day(5)...

  ==List of Minor Wild-Shapes==
    Blue Slime


While Druids don't wear metal armor (really, what Matango wears full plate anyhow?), they aren't forbidden from metal weapons. This is good, as Menmenth's favored weapon is a large two-handed hammer, as tall as himself. Having used this weapon for some large number of years, he is quite skilled with it, and takes a small measure of enjoyment from surprising larger opponents.


Focusing on the shape shifting part of the druidic life has slightly limited Menmenth's spell casting abilities, yet while he doesn't know as many spells as the average druid, his are no less effective.

  ==Spell List==
  Create Spring
  Know Direction (Instantly know which way is North)
  Sun Flash (Full of bright painfull light, and tasty ironic puns!)
  Entangle (Nearby plants attempt to entangle hostile creatures, or at least hinder them.)
  Speak with Animals (Soooo far beyond 'That's a good kitty, yes you are!')
  Endure Elements (Go from the north pole to the desert without blinking!)