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A demonolater of uncertainty
Age: Unknown, adult
Race: Pumpkinhead
Status: Ambiguous
Affiliation: None(?)

A pumpkinhead who specializes in summoning magic that found itself in the Cleft after being snatched from its homeworld by mysterious happenings, as it often seems to go. It claims to have been alone for much of its life and had very few beings it would call friends back home, leaving it disoriented, confused and frequently on-guard.

While it is polite, its rigid manner of speaking and tendency to word things in odd ways can make it come across as awkward, though in truth that is what it is. Fairly well-meaning but lost in life, it has many strong desires and needs without understanding why - this is one of the reasons it took up demonolatry for its specific form of summoning, it felt an otherwise indescribable pull towards the craft and a constant "hunger" for more and more pacts with demons.

Occasionally, it is overcome with fits of severe anxiety - it is often able to cover this up well, but does not know the cause. It always seems to be a feeling of impending disaster, but what that could be is anyone's guess. Rarely, the light that fills its single eye will change colors alongside its tone of voice - in this state, it speaks as though it is a different person, yet continues as if it is the same one all along. It seems to most often happen during heightened emotional moments, of varying extremes.

Recently, this has come to a head when one of those familiar anxiety attacks struck during what should have been a pleasant meeting with some of the few people Merciviant had grown comfortable being around - Jillian and Haut. A currently unknown presence seemed to wrest control from Merciviant after some time struggling with inner confusion over its own desires and wants, accidentally spearheaded by its demon ally Asmodeus. A short but fierce battle between the three resulted in Merciviant's apparent death and the resulting end of its pacts. The unknown intelligence that emerged from Merciviant is in possession of its body and grimoire, and to what extent it is able to utilize all of that is not known. The fate of the lost summoner is yet to be determined.

Contracted Demons

  • Buer - Merciviant's first demon ally, who forged a pact with it prior to coming to the Cleft. They are not able to manifest in their true form due to Merciviant's power still catching up to them, and so it resembles a tiny, five-legged kitten with hooves instead of paws. It is not known at this time what sort of benefit Buer grants Merciviant.
  • Furcas - The lowest ranked of the demons of the Abyss that Merciviant has contracted and the second it did so with. Despite said rank he is a powerful and resilient protector. If he is capable of speech, he seems to choose not to.
  • Asmodeus - Merciviant's most powerful ally thus far, The Demon King of Desire. As Merciviant is nowhere near strong enough to summon him at full power yet, he uses a much weaker avatar - though it is still dangerously powerful. While they had a violent initial meeting, the two hit it off surprisingly well after the pact was finally formed, with Asmodeus becoming an advisor and most trusted ally in battle. Asmodeus sees potential in his summoner and seems to often tempt it with chances at even greater advancement and power, which Merciviant largely seems to find unappealing (much to said demon king's frustrations).
  • Shax - A demon marquis who seems to have a low view of mortals - though that might simply be a common viewpoint of the Abyss. He was quite irritated by the summoning Merciviant called him with despite accepting the offering, and while he was prickly to it and Haut (whose lawn he'd been summoned near), his jets were cooled after seeing the contract itself and agreed readily to Merciviant's terms. As of yet, he has not been seen in action.