Mt. Rolante

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Mt. Rolante
Holy god, that's a high mountain
Source: Seiken Densetsu Series
Builder: Versalia
Level Range: 56-65
Linked: Yes

Mt. Rolante is a mountain in the Loftarasa Range. Riese is the princess and ruler here. There are no buildings or castles left in Rolante - Sorceress Vulpecula ran the kingdom to ruin. However, the descendants of the rightful ruler have continued their way of life here, completely attuned to nature and the mountain's terrain.


??? - Rolante becomes part of the Cleft, and their Kingdom flourishes in the Loftarasa Mountains.

??? - Sorceress Vulpecula's actions lead to the downfall of the Rolante Kingdom. She rules here until __, when invasion of Brigantes lead to her demise.

303 - Witnessing events south in Truce at this time, and fearing for his region's safety now that he is not protected by Rolante, Sylphid preemptively seeks refuge for the Mana Stone of Wind, eventually coming to agreement with the Reploids to protect it by housing it in their space fortress. Conveniently, they also decided to harness it for energy.


Rolante Castle

The ruins of the Rolante Castle still remain, but it is covered in debris and very little of it is accessible.

The Peak

Rolante has the highest peak of any mountain in the Loftarasa range. Due to this, it is incredibly windy on most parts of the mountain. The amazons who live there have channeled the wind into various defensive mechanics, like the Corridor of Wind. The Corridor is a series of tunnels dug into the mountainside, with strategic holes to the outside, allowing wind to funnel into the holes and come blasting out into the Corridor.

Someone has set up hot air balloon rides from the peak. Fun!


One must walk through the Loftarasa Mts to reach Rolante.


The last remaining descendants of Rolante still dwell here, reminiscing about the past and rarely interacting with the rest of the world.

Law, Government & Politics

While at one point it was ruled by the Rolante Kingdom, that kingdom is no more. Currently Guardia is considered to oversee the land, though like may remote areas, they don't spend much time doing so.


A chibi-devil once pestered an Amazon relentlessly spouting all kinds of nonsense, eventually asking her these questions before being impaled by a spear:

- Have you defeated a godbeast?

- Or dealt with Riese's harpy problem?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

Luigi.jpg "Watch the Harpies for Wind elemental attacks. Amazon archers can shoot-a really far, and chibi-devils get mischievous when ignored for too long. Being able to fly will be helpful and there's-a number of ways to do it, such as drinking-a bottled cloud, holding-a feather, or riding-a broomstick!"

A series of bloodstained notes

archers will run, keep on 'em. cockatrices are the real choice target here. little bastard devils will backstab, sense hidden might help. harpies assist, their queen aggros.