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Glenn Hudson

Glenn Hudson
Not a 100% accurate representation of what Glenn looks like, but you get the idea.
Age: 19
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Heroes for Hire


Glenn Hudson is a young man in his late teens, born and raised in the Cleft. Being apart of Heroes for Hire, his job has led him to many different parts of the globe. Armed with a pair of uzis, Glenn is prepared to see that the right thing is done no matter where ever his job or life takes him.

More to be added sooner or later!


First you draw a circle...Then you draw a sword.
Age: 16
Race: Kirby
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None


Nagol the kirby is an adventurer of around the age of 16. When he isn't out on an adventure he hangs around his hometown of Truce, or is selling his gadgets in Shrike as an income. He has a fighter's spirit. a strong will, and a knack for mechanical engineering. He is a good soul that neither leans towards rebelliousness or chivalrousness.


He stands only a few inches tall, and has somewhere between azure and sapphire blue skin. His feet are of a darker, almost midnight or indigo blue. His eyes are of a lighter blue, and his tongue breaks this tradition by being pink.

Racial Traits

Appetite - Being a kirby, Nagol's appetite is quite big. It can rival even the most ravenous ghosts and empty-bellied saiyans if he's hungry enough. If someone says or does something that might not be acceptable at the dinner table, more often than not he won't be phased by it.

Elasticity - His body his able to be stretched, inflated, deflated, etc while being able to return to it's normal shape unharmed. He can use this to his advantage by inflating his body with air, giving him the power of albeit slow flight. This also acts as a kind of shock absorber, allowing him to take blunt forces better than a normal human probably could.

Copy Ability - By sucking up certain objects, Nagol can altered the make-up of his body to reflect the object in question. If he were to inhale fire-based objects, the top of his head would catch on fire (though not harming him in any way) and he would gain fire based skills. A kunai would grant him ninja-like abilities, bows and arrows would make him a trained marksman, cold-based attacks make him an ice-skating pro, etc, etc. Elemental based abilities are often stronger, but come at the cost of gaining an elemental weakness. Nagol can leave his current copy ability at will or when enough damage has been sustained, either way the ability is turned into a tiny star that bounces away from him before disappearing.

Warp Star - These vehicles made from the energy of the stars can be summoned without much thought day or night. They are small, fast, and the perfect size for a kirby. Warp Stars can fly horizontally or vertically, depending on the situation or the rider's preference. They are big enough for a small to medium sized passenger to join, but it's size can be increased through Nagol's concentration and energy.


Sword/Melee Proficiency - Nagol's main choice of weapon is the sword, having used it unskilled with the mantra, "Just swing and it should probably work." Darke's training has allowed him to become more skilled with the blade. When unarmed, Nagol uses a variety of punches and kicks. He adapted a bit of the "Fighter Kirby" ability to form a bit of a martial arts style, pulling off Vulcan Jabs, Smash Punches, and all other kinds of moves.

Strong Grip - Not exactly an ability, but Nagol has a deceptively strong grip, which he can use to hold opponents in place. He used this "ability" to keep Shiva's arms behind her back during the quest for the Mana Spirit, Undine.

Poly-chromatic Energy - This ability's powers are mostly unknown, but it seems to grant Nagol improved offensive power, although activating it at will is still a mystery. He used this ability against the witch Koraki, where it gave him the strength to take the witch on.

Unknown Abilities

Undine and Gnome's Blessings - Nagol did receive their blessings during his adventures with Mogwai, Eevee, and co., but he hasn't been able to manifest them into something yet.

Lost Abilities

Light Beam Attack - Also known simply as "LBA", this beam of energy isn't actually made of light, just energy. He used this ability quite a lot, as it was one of his few ranged options. He lost it when the Star Rod (Koraki) removed it's blessing from him and gave it to his brother, Ivane.

Light Beam Shockwave - Known as (LBS), Nagol would store the energy for a LBA, but instead of guiding it he would release it all around him. This short-ranged blast could cause serious damage to anyone who got close. He used it against his failed robot clone and Darkspire's Mech-suit, both of which greatly damaged by it. He lost it when the Star Rod (Koraki) removed it's blessing from him and gave it to his brother, Ivane.

"Star Rod" Proficiency - When he still had Koraki's "Star Rod" Blessing, he was able to use the "Star Rod" in combat. With each shard restored to the "Star Rod", it's power would increase and gain new elemental attacks. This was his primary weapon, until the battle against the Witch where his inability to control the weapon properly caused Finn to get hurt.


Neutral Good - Nagol is an adventurous and civil person. He doesn't fight people of higher authority unless he feels that they are oppressive and/or corrupt. He's also more likely to fight a rebellious group if he feels that their cause isn't in the best interest of the common good. All in all he is a kirby who wants to protect good and have an adventure along the way.

He is a cheerful person, always trying to make friends wherever he goes. He harbors no ill towards new people, but he can tell when other's intentions aren't so good. He was a bit naive when he first arrived in Cleft, but he has matured a bit since then. Nagol can be and is very protective of those he considers friends, and this can be traced back to his years growing up on his homeworld, Paralela. Despite being the Star Rod Guardian, this didn't stop the other kids from ridiculing and teasing him. He became anti-social during this time, but the Cleft helped him pull a 360 on this habit. In battle he is more serious, wanting to focus on the fight at hand rather than other things. He is no stranger to friendly tussles, but he doesn't actively seek fights. In fact, he would rather not fight if the option was available. He has a strong will, not backing down from a fight unless the only option is to retreat.


Pre-Cleft This information is what Nagol thinks his life was like, but after meeting Koraki he is starting to doubt his past life. Nagol was orphaned as a baby by unknown parents, he was adopted by elders of the Fountain of Dreams on Paralela when they found him in a basket on it's doorsteps. He became the adopted little brother to Ivane, another kirby whose father left him for reasons unknown and whose mother is even more shrouded in mystery. By the time he was 8 years old he went on a quest to defeat the evil demon king, Darke, how he did no one, not even Nagol himself knows how. By defeating the demon king, Nagol was made the Star Rod Guardian, despite the fact that his brother was about to be made that very same guardian. 4 years and ridicule by children passed, when one day the Fountain of Dreams was attacked by Dark Nightmare, a group made up of the three demon king's sons, Shenroe, Darkspire, and Darkmare. Darkmare possessed Ivane and tried to fight Nagol but he took the Star Rod and fled, hoping to protect it from them. While this was going on the fabric of the dimension ripped open as a rift appeared. At the edge of the fountain overlooking the rift in space and time, Nagol was hit by a blast from a Dark Nightmare soldier. The force sent him tumbling downward unconscious and with a slight case of amnesia, not to mention the force causing the Star Rod to break apart into several pieces. Nagol fell down and down until he landed in Truce, while many of the pieces of the Star Rod fell to places all over the Cleft. With nothing more than his name and a pink candy cane striped rod, he found himself in a brand new world.

Debut Nagol made his debut in the Wishes story arc with the story titled "Idle Aftermath", where he ate ramen and fiddled with an invisibility watch while listening to Kyuubey, Helios, Rizar, and Mogwai talk about emotional energy. Funny, since something quite similar would happen to Nagol in his future. He also meet Finn, who would later become an ally of his.

Mana Spirits Nagol's first real involvement with the plot occurred when he joined Mogwai, Eevee, and Jameson on their quest to find the mana spirit of water, Undine. Along the way, Twilight Sparkle and Finn also joined the party. They reached the evil Shiva and after a long fight defeated her and her leviathan, and received Undine's blessing. During this, Nagol also picked up the shards of fire and ice for his Star Rod. The next adventure saw Nagol joining Mogwai and co., but joined with Spitfire instead of Twilight. Together they had the ride of their lives as they were being driving via bus by Mogwai. Darkmare, currently possessing Ivane, attacked them along the way, but Nagol's amnesia caused him to confuse his possessed brother for some kind of evil clone. Evading the evil kirby, they made their way to Cactuar Island, where the earth spirit, Gnome, resided. Darkmare, bent on blowing them all up into smithereens, accidentally caved them into the place they were going. Nagol, seemingly crushed by the debris, survived by using an "instant transmission." An ability that Nagol doesn't know how he pulled off, hasn't been able to pull off anything of the sort, and hasn't been seen since. After fighting of a terracotta army and the goliath known as Titan, they received Gnome's blessing and Nagol got the shard of earth. Darkmare tried to fight them after they made their way out of the cave, but was comically flattened under a rock by the power of the Star Rod's earth star. Nagol's last appearance in this arc was when the group, now with Sweetie instead of Jameson, rode atop of Flammie to find the wind spirit, Jinn. They found Garuda beating Darkmare senseless, prompting Nagol to try and save him despite not exactly knowing why. Catching the dark kirby, Nagol learned an important lesson as he rammed his warp star into Garuda; they weren't really made for that sort of thing. Not wanting to leave the injured Darkmare by himself, Nagol plummeted down out of the sky to Lea Monde, missing his chance to recieve Jinn's blessing.

Evils Within After making sure that Darkmare was safe in Mabe Village, Nagol preceded to return to Truce. On his travel there however, a very strong urge to hurt others, even his friends, started to come over him. He tried to resist it, but it eventually overwhelmed him. This berserking Nagol broke out into a fight with the M85, Mogwai, and Eevee. After an intense fight, Eevee was able to help Nagol gain control of his body once again. A few truce guards might have been harmed in the fighting, but it ultimately saved the wealth of the Truce bank from the thieving Giglamesh.

Determination in the Face of Hopelessness What seemed to be a normal day at the Truce fountain quickly turned into a fight for Nagol and several other peoples' lives. Kyuubey sternly warned Helios to give back the grief seed he stole, explaining that it puts him and his contracted Wishborn at risk, but Helios decided not to give it back and left. As some sort of twisted punishment, Kyuubey left a grief seed at the fountain and left, a grief seed which started to be reborn into a witch. Nagol tried his best to fend off the witch with the others, but only ending up hurting Finn in the process. It was thanks to Crossroads' arrival that the group was able to survive, albeit battered and bruised and probably a little mentally scarred. From this moment on, Nagol no longer used the Star Rod, as his inability to wield it properly forced him to hurt his friend. He picked up the art of the sword, despite having no real training in it.

Time Passes A long period occurred where Nagol wasn't involved with anything important in particular. A well timed Mega Flare released Ivane from Darkmare's control, Ivane fought the skeletal Knochen and barely survived, and the spirit of the Star Rod took Ivane, removed it's blessing from Nagol, and ditched him in the Cleft. Nagol did swab the poop deck of a ghost ship though, so there's that.

The Demon King and the Witch Finding out that the demon king's castle has been deposited in the Cleft, Nagol headed out to investigate. When he got there he didn't find the demon king, Darke, but an old man by the name of Darke. Things looked like they were heading up for the two, but a mysterious witch by the name of Koraki appeared and declared that she was going to kill Nagol. She had the upper hand in the battle until she started mocking Nagol and his friend, Eevee, revealing that she was not only the Star Rod spirit but also the strong urge he had to kill people. This caused something to click in him, bringing forth a poly-chromatic energy from inside Nagol. With this strange new power, Nagol was able to gain the upper hand for awhile. Koraki managed to defeat Nagol, but spared him from death as an "early birthday present." Afterwards at the instruction of Koraki, Darke decided to teach Nagol in the way of the blade. Finally, Nagol's life had achieved some normalcy and he was able to be a kid/young teen again.

Present Day Nagol spends his days training with his adoptive grandfather, Darke. But who knows when the blue puffball sword fighter will adventure once again?


Eevee - One of Nagol's best friends, he first met him on Mogwai's quest to find the mana spirits. It was thanks to him that Nagol regained his senses after he went berserk, and Nagol debts himself to Eevee for it. Although Nagol wasn't there to help against Darkrai, he vows to be there in the future for Eevee.

Mogwai - A best friend of Nagol's, she allowed him to join her quest to find the mana spirits. Looking up to her as an adventuring mentor and responsible adult, he is always willing to help her out. He would love to help her and the Adventurer Mutual Aid Network, but he fears about going berserk again after his meeting with Koraki.

Helios - Nagol looks up Helios as a mentor of engineering and robotics. They haven't really interacted in any major way, and so they have more of a mutual friendship.

Twilight Sparkle - Despite not really knowing each other too well, Nagol thinks of Twilight as a friend. Having no real magical talents or abilities, Nagol is awed by her magical expertise.

Finn - A good friend of Nagol's, he first met him in Undine's icy cave. Ever since then they have occasionally found themselves going on adventures together, usually with Mogwai and co. Nagol has built up a bit of grief for Finn, as his inability to use the Star Rod properly only helped the witch at the fountain in her attempt to kill Finn. Thankfully Finn made it out ok, but Nagol still feels very guilty for his actions.

Kyuubey - Nagol hasn't really interacted with Kyuubey that much if at all, but Nagol does have some beef with him. Nagol doesn't know it himself, but he has a subconscious desire to safeguard himself from the temptations of Kyuubey's wishes.

Koraki - He doesn't know what she knows about him or has against him, but he has a feeling that whatever it is it isn't good. Even though he has never met her before until the day she tried to kill him, he already knew that he despised her. What she has in store is a mystery...

Darke - The former demon king of Paralela, Darke has become Nagol's adoptive grandfather and teaches him how to use the sword. He currently resides in his old castle down the river from Todo.