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New Luberia's Boss
Age: ??
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: New Luberia


Nanashi most recently comes from a world called MAR-Heaven, though he was not a native of that particular plane either. He led a thieves' guild there known as Luberia, after inheriting it from its former boss, Galian. Upon his arrival in the Cleft, he immediately founded a new guild, New Luberia, with the purpose of stealing magical items and keeping them from falling into the wrong hands, as well as creating new ARMs to aid in this endeavor.

ARMs Wielded By Nanashi

WEAPON ARM: Griffin Lance: Brought from MAR-Heaven. It's real sharp.

NATURE ARM: Electric Eye: Brought from MAR-Heaven. Generates anything from a small electric current to a huge blast of lightning.

GUARDIAN ARM: Jimnote Shift: A huge silver electric eel. Can change size, and can be out while in small mode without paralyzing the summoner. Made by Mordoba under Nanashi's guidance as a copy of the original Jimnote, which was destroyed in transition to the Cleft.

GUARDIAN ARM: Moonlight Shinobi: The embodiment of the Ninja spirit, clad in moonlit silver. Can disappear and reappear at will, and attacks with a set of kunai and shuriken that shimmer like stars in the night sky.

DIMENSION ARM: Andarta: Mass teleportation, but only to places where the caster is familiar with.

DIMENSION ARM: Zipper: It's a huge zipper, leading into a pocket dimension. Used by Nanashi to store extra ARMs, it's a Mordoba-made copy of an original from MAR-Heaven, with Nanashi's guidance.

HOLY ARM: White Rain: Removes all fatigue and exhaustion from a large group, but needs to be recharged by being out in actual rain. Can heal wounds, but only mild ones, and only when focused on a single recipient.