Notes from a Scholar's Notepad

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What a fascinating experience! Never did I expect to make such a religious breakthrough by visiting the fountain in Truce! I lost control for a time as my darker side came out, due to the exposure of alcohol. He was preparing for a trip to the clouds as he drank from the fountain and went into an outrage!

My darker side spoke of the theories I had been researching to a small gathering of adventurers, who were discussing the strange but powerful liquid flowing from the town's reserve. Among them we met a curious robot who seemed responsible for it.

Suddenly, the ground opened up beneath us and swallowed us whole! It was as if it were a message from god! The robot, a kind and intelligent koopa, a few rabites, and my darker side(Hmm, why I do feel like I'm forgetting someone?) looked around our new surroundings.

We found a curious spring, which my dark side hungrily began to drink from in a desperate search for water. It seemed as if that liquid was being pumped into the fountain of Truce, which almost shattered my dark side's sanity! Fortunately, the kind and intelligent koopa shared his water with me, cleansing my dark side away and giving me control once more.

The robot then spoke of his God, who seemed to share traits similar to that of a Kirby. Fascinating! Could there really be a supreme entity walking among us, in a form so small? I begged to meet him, but unfortunately, the robot did not know where his God was or how to meet him.

Fortunately, the resourceful koopa has led us on a path of salvation! We shall put a picture up in the pub and offer a free drink! I cannot wait to meet him! This will be highly beneficial to my research! I just hope I will be able to better contain my dark side next time.

(Yes, next time...we shall see if the alcoholic robot can hold 'this' drink down! Mwahaha, BW@@dam |his old pen.)

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