Origins of Yawgmoth

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Unknown Location

April 6 of the year 323

Mana Holy Day

In a dimension far separated from the Cleft and its children

The battle for their universe had raged for months now. The Lord of the Wastes, The Ineffable, the deity known by many names to many people but whose true name was Yawgmoth had finally begun his invasion of Dominaria. The battle had gone mostly in his favor, small losses here and there but overall the plan had worked perfectly.

Yawgmoth stepped out of his own dimension known as Phyrexia and into Dominaria. Instantly all creatures near where he emerged died and were reborn as Phyrexians. But one thing Yawgmoth had forgotten - that pesky Planeswalker Urza and his Legacy Weapon, which had been assembled at last...

In Kapcom, a dimension not unlike Earth in a way

A group of scientists had worked for months on the young reploid. It had been severely damaged in a battle, and the techs had brought it back to the lab to be rebuilt. A storm brewed outside, thunder and lightning crashed.

Dominaria again

The Legacy Weapon fired directly into the physical body Yawgmoth had created. It tore his body apart and ate into his godly soul, but the deity was not unprepared for this. As he came to the brink of utter destruction, he cast a spell upon himself.. similar to the spells used by Planeswalkers to shift between dimensions. His soul lept between all the many planes of existence, searching for that place he knew he would be able to begin again.


Lightning struck the lab as the scientists activated the reploid's power source and, at that moment, the room glowed with a strange red light which seemed to enter the reploid's body. The glow quickly subsided, except for in the reploid's eyes. At that moment, a hole tore in the universe's barriers and the reploid was sucked into yet another dimension..

The Cleft of Dimensions

The reploid rematerialized inside this world-between-worlds. Dragging itself to its feet, it had a realization.. in the jump from its native Kapcom to the cleft, its memory had been wiped.. it could remember almost nothing. It knew its name was Yawgmoth, to be sure, but otherwise it knew almost nothing, except that the power of magic was now its for the taking.. Thankfully, for the well being of the Cleft, the reploid remembered nothing of its heritage, of the God who had given it life where that group of scientists had failed..

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