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Home is where the grass is.

Housing Admin

Lilly is the current housing admin. All questions or clarifications will be deferred to her.


Player Housing is a special room (or set of rooms) that a player can make for themselves and customize as they see fit. As of right now, the vast majority of the Cleft of Dimensions is available for a player to create their home base, with some exceptions (both for aesthetic sanity and game balance reasons). For the longest time, Immortals were needed for 100% of player housing needs, but thanks to the wonderful efforts of our staff and implementors, a portion of player house construction can be done by the players themselves! For details (as well as preliminary pricing models and other specifics), please see the BEdit page!

For those of you who are deeply aware of and used to the way Player Housing mechanics used to be, I encourage you to read the BEdit page first, then feel free to read on and see what has changed; the inclusion of BEdit is going to revamp and change the way a number of things work, and it's a good idea to know what doors will be opening up to you, going forward.

Basic Premise: Starting a player house, from any allowed location in the world, costs 5000 gold plus 50 * the level of the zone it is being built in. Additional rooms after the first will cost 500 gold each, up to 6 rooms, and then 500 gold * [RoomCount - 5] for each one thereafter. There is no limit, as long as your purse has money in it. For you oldbies, yes, this means that starting and expanding a player house no longer requires restring tokens or immortal tokens.


-Lunar Subterrane


-The Feymarch

-Mist Cave

There is likely more that needs to go on this list, but the general rule is that if you need to complete a quest to go there, you can't have a house there. If more restrictions are requested by other Immortals (or if someone brings up something I just plain missed that should've been obvious), they will be added, so take this limited list with a grain of salt for now!

Side note: You might notice that I didn't put Magicant on there. While this has been a point of contention in times past, Magicant is not bound by a quest lock like other locations, AND (at the risk of very minimal spoilers) owning a house there actually drops you BEYOND an out-of-reach of an important quest completion location, so you're not breaking anything by living there, because you would also still have to go through [SPOILERS!] from scratch in order to complete the aforementioned quest, anyway.


As shown in BEdit, you are able to set who is allowed to visit your house, as well as whether they are allowed to expand/create in it, or whether your house will be private and for you alone. For you oldbies, yes, this means that multiple people can now live under one roof, and no, it won't cost extra to do so.


As mentioned above, the original owner of the house is able to set who is allowed to visit them. For you oldbies, the existing 'house items' (Guardia Shield, Antique Hourglass, etc. that have been used to set your recall point and open the door for visitors) can be refashioned into another device of your choosing, and I will do so at no extra cost to you. You may also choose to leave them there, as they are, as a legacy relic. It is entirely up to you.


Portals come in the form of purchasable objects for your home. They are used to swiftly go from your home to virtually anywhere else in the Cleft, with some exceptions (typically the same exceptions that prevented you from building a house in that area in the first place). For you oldbies, the old system of location * level disparity is no longer, given that houses now being available almost anywhere in the Cleft renders that formula a moot case and different for virtually every player in the game.

Portals will now have a fixed price based on where they go: one price for those that go to cities/towns/villages/etc., and one price for those that go into the wilderness or uncivilized areas. The former type of these portals will be purchaseable from the BEdit shop in their standard 'painting of [town]' format, and a customized format will cost that same amount plus one restring token. For portals to uncivilized locations, these are custom-made only and are discussed further in the Housing Shop below.

Portals to other towns and cities cost 3000 gold each, regardless of house location and portal destination. You may also purchase a portal from one house that you own to another house that you own (or to a Clan Hall that you belong to) for 3000 gold and 1 restring token.


A player may purchase a shop NPC in their home in order to provide goods to purchase at their own personal leisure, with some case-by-case exceptions. Typically, anything that would bend the balance of the game by allowing it in an easily-accessible shop will be disallowed, but there are likely other aesthetically-eyebrow-raising discrepancies as well, so the best way to find out is to ask Lilly.

To add a Custom Item to the shop, please see this separate page detailing how custom item creation is applied. Any questions on this process should be directed to Lilly via note or tell (if she is online at the time).

For you oldbies, the current new creation process via BEdit now means that if you open up your house to visitors and you don't want them poking their nose in your shop(s), you will need to set the shopkeeper's room to Private, as per the instructions on the BEdit page. But unlike the rules before, it is no longer mandatory that you do so, if you are feeling generous.


You may purchase a whole slew of neat things for your house! New things are added from time to time, too! Please note that only one of each type of "Shop" mobs (banker, healer, shopkeeper, etc.) can exist in a room at a time, as it is physically impossible to interact with two healers, two shopkeepers, etc. in the same room.

Item/NPC Gold Description
a Painting of [enter town here] See Portal section Portal that leads to a town or city
Mr. Moit 5000 Turban Matango shopkeeper
a Moogle Maid 500 "Cleans" your house, recovers your HP and MP.
a Servbot Helper 5000 Casts "Recharge" on items given to it
Can also be set to cast "Phlogiston" on lights given to it
Can be set to do both for 8000g
a training dummy 1000 Beat it up, has about 1000 HP, resist weapon and magic.
a durable training dummy 5000
restring token
A heavily-padded training dummy that has 10000 HP and is highly resistant to weapon and magic.
the "All-Night Special" 12000
2 restring tokens
An incredibly-dense training dummy that has 50000 HP, is highly resistant to weapon and magic, and regenerates health!
a house pet 500
restring token
A custom, interactable mob that remains at your house. Provides no tangible benefit.
secret exits 500
restring token
Custom ways to open/reveal exits (ex: turn statue head to slide open bookshelf)
Includes Mobprogs and applying 'hidden' flags.
a pokeball vending machine 5000 Sells pokeballs with pets inside, only for owner use^
Fountain~ 1000 Infinite source of specific liquid.
May purchase copy of one that exists already, or add a Restring Token for a custom one.
Banker 4000 Your own personal banker!
Mage 4000 Your own personal mage! (Fees still apply)
Necromancer 6000
Restring Token
Your own personal... wait. People actually WANT one of these in their HOUSE..!?
Requires own room.
Mana Orchard Treant 5000
2 Restring Tokens
Req. House Size of 3+ Rooms
Sentient tree infused with Mana that will consume special, colored seeds and bear fruit/vegetables from them.
Requires 'outside'-type room.
Cooking Station 3500
2 Restring Tokens
Includes an array of kitchenware needed to prepare lots of yummy recipes! (Note: Food not included)
Requires 'inside'-type room.
Krak Pot 5000
3 Restring Tokens
A decorative, sentient iron pot with knack for alchemical knowledge.
Cookbooks 1000, 2000, 3000 You can't cook without knowing how!
Books include 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', and 'Advanced' recipes at incremental pricing.
Alchenomicon: Basic Tomes 1500, 3000, 4000 Learn the secrets of the alchemist!
Books include 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', and 'Advanced' recipes at incremental pricing.
Alchenomicon: Special Tomes 10000 each Additional Alchemy books for the fanatics. Currently available: "A Composition of Compositions", "Within Us All (Vol.1)", "Within Us All (Vol.2)".
Polychromatic Crystal 2000
1 Imm Token
A splendorous, multi-hued crystal that bestows a heavy and long-duration buff based on the current day.
Custom Portal + Location Variable gold@
5 restring tokens
A customized portal that can take you anywhere in the Cleft, with some exceptions. Please contact Lilly for location feasibility.
A Cow 2500
Req. House Size of 3+ Rooms
A domesticated farm animal that will occasionally produce milk when properly fed.
Requires 'outside'-type room.
A Cucco 2500
Req. House Size of 3+ Rooms
A feathered farm animal that will occasionally produce eggs when properly fed.
Requires 'outside'-type room.
A Produce Cart 1500
Req. 'Mana Treant' Purchase
A large cart that will follow you around, carrying your produce.
Only useable in the player's house.
A Locker 3000 A place for no-loss storage of items.
See 'locker' helpfile in-game for details.
A Combat Simulation Room 12000
1 Imm Token
A holographic projector in this room will allow you to re-fight mobs of the Cleft of Dimensions at your leisure. Some mobs may be unavailable if their programming becomes unstable due to being fought outside of their specific room, and all mobs will be given immunity to charm. All physical aspects of the mob otherwise remain intact, including XP and gold-awarding rates (any XP-boosting flags will be removed, however), but loot dropping rates depends on the mob type: Regular Mobs will drop loot at normal rates, Boss Mobs will drop loot at half the normal rates, and Superboss Mobs will drop loot at 1/4th the normal rates Cost is per-mob: Regular Mobs = 50g*Lvl ... Boss Mobs = 100g*Lvl + 1 restring token ... Superboss Mobs = 250g*Lvl + 3 restring tokens This purchase requires a new room entirely devoted to this purchase and nothing else, and the cost of the room's customization is included in the purchase price.
Inventory-to-Furniture Conversion (Varying Gold)
1 Restring Token
Players may 'convert' an item in their inventory (which will be removed from inventory during the conversion process) to a piece of furniture in their house that will remain there permanently. Most items will be an immobile, ineffective object that simply serves as a visual furniture, but items with infinite charges or usage (Rods, event items, etc.) may retain their usability under the same delay they had as a held item. Exceptions apply and gold cost is on a per-item basis, so ask Lilly for specific item qualifications and costs.
Equipment Mannequins 10000
3 Restring Tokens
Max 32
A mannequin that can be used to store equipment sets. One piece of equipment per slot may be placed upon it, and storage/retrieval is processed via Qflags (hence the maximum of 32 per player). For details, please send Lilly a tell or a note.
Equipment Capsules 20000
1 Restring Token
Req. House Size of 6+ Rooms
Req. Shopkeeper Mob
While not precisely a house-specific item, this purchase will allow you to create an item that can "hold" multiple pieces of equipment in one collapsible item, much like a mannequin, except carried with you. This is a heavily-customized item and all details should be discussed with Lilly.
a Faithful Companion 60000
1 Immortal Token
Req. Pet Vending Machine
A custom pet variant that will level alongside you and gain statistical bonuses every ten levels! This custom pet is extremely mobprog intensive, hence the high cost, and all questions and details should be asked of and confirmed with Lilly. Cost for purchase FROM vending machine, once created, is a flat 2500g. See this page for details and information.
a Keyring 1000
1 Restring Token
A stationary item in your home that will allow you to store and recall keys that you have acquired during your travels. While the initial keyring item is inexpensive, adding keys to the ring requires a fee of 20g per level up to the minimum level of the zone that the key is found in. Some keys may be given a higher applied level depending on where they lead. Maximum of 50 unique keys per keyring mob.
a Whitesmith's Forging Station 25000
2 Imm Tokens
A stationary item in your home that allows you to upgrade weapons and armor using special materials. ARKS equipment is excluded.

Adding items to a normal Mr. Moit shopkeeper requires a cost based on item level and its rarity - basic items will cost 5g per level to supply, while more exotic (rarity determined by Lilly at time of installation) items may cost either 10g or 15g per level.

^Mobs to feature as pets can be added to the machine by paying 2500 gold each. Cost to purchase pet from vending machine, once available, is Lvlx3 gold for the first 50 levels, and then Lvlx5 gold for any of the last 50 levels. Pets may be purchased by anyone with access to the vending machine, but please be advised that the capsule will only summon a pet for the person who ordered the pet's creation, and no one else.

@As a general cost rule in most cases, non-town portals will have a gold cost of 100 * Area Max Level, plus the 5 Restring Tokens as noted in the shop listing above. Exceptions may be made for exotic or difficult-to-access locations, wherein the cost is at the discretion of Lilly on a case-by-case basis.

~Excludes unique customized objects that exist in other players' homes.

Wilderness Turf & Visitor Exchange Program

Players who have open-visitor player houses may choose to section off a portion (either existing or newly-created) of their player housing area, which can be used to spawn attackable mobs. This section of the player's house is paid for under the normal cases of new-room costs, but will have a no_mob exit flag applied to any exit that would lead back into the 'normal' portion of the player's housing area., in order to keep these mobs contained. There is a maximum allowance of 20 rooms allotted for this designation, and 1 mob may be spawned per 2 rooms, for a maximum of 10 mobs total.

The cost for mob spawns (each) is as follows:

-Normal Existing Mobs - 500g

-Normal Custom Mobs - 1000g + 1 Restring Token

-Boss Existing Mobs - 2500g

-Boss Custom Mobs - 5000g + 3 Restring Tokens

-Superboss Existing Mobs - 20000g

-Superboss Custom Mobs - 50000g + 1 Immortal Token

Mobs may be flagged differently than they normally are at the players' discretion (such as making normally-sentinel mobs be able to wander around) and as long as it doesn't break the mob's inherent programming or design. ALL MOBS will be give a 90% cut to their monetary and item drop rates when spawned in this way, though experience gain will be normal. Additional gimmicks or added mechanics may be discussed with Lilly, and additional costs may or may not be levied on a case-by-case basis. All mobs spawned in this way will be given a prefix with the homeowner's name ("Krystal's stout Myconid", for example) to differentiate them from normal in-game mobs. All Custom Mobs are to be designed by the player who desires them, though Lilly is available for any information, questions or advice thereof.

In addition to this premise, players may choose to add a Visitor's Merchant to their player house, which allows them to partake in a Visitor's Bead Exchange Program. The cost for this Merchant and its appropriation costs 5000g and 2 Restring Tokens to begin with, along with an additional fee as determined below.

Allowing this merchant on your property provides the following options and mechanics:

-All mobs that are in a player's designated 'attackable mob' area will be given a chance, based on mob's level and inherent difficulty, to drop a colored (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Pink) Visitor's Bead. This color is randomized for each player and not of choice.

-The Visitor's Merchant for each player will accept a random color of Visitor's Bead, and have a list of items that may be exchanged for a certain number of beads. All exchanges from a single player's Visitor's Merchant will all be for the same color of Visitor's Bead.

-This list of items, up to a max of 8 in total, may be randomized by Lilly from a set list for a flat fee of 2500g, or the player hosting the Visitor's Merchant may choose items, up to 8, to post for exchange, with the item's inherent rarity or exotic rating determining how many beads will require an exchange for it. Cost for items hand-picked by a player will vary in gold, but always cost 1 additional Restring Token for each item.

The main premise of this allowance is to invite players to hunt monsters on your turf in order to obtain different-colored beads and exchange them to different player houses' merchants, depending on what color each one accepts. Use it as an opportunity to show off any custom mobs you may design or just give them a tour of your player house with a little battling on the side!

Custom Purchases

All shop purchases can be customized.

For item/npc restring (different only by appearance) add a restring token.

For NPC/Pet customization (includes custom appearance AND customized mobprog [NOT INCLUDING 'Faithful Companion' variant, seen above]) add triple the gold cost and a restring token. Does not include Mana Treant, Cooking Station, or Krak-Pot; these are unique mobs with highly-complex programming and transitioning them into a custom mob would be a headache that isn't worth any amount of gold or restring tokens.

Character Housing Fund Accounts

As a personal favor to players, I am willing to keep a database for characters who wish to deposit money and restring/immortal tokens into a "Housing Account" toward the use of purchasing Player Housing items for that character. This frees up time otherwise spent idling while at level 100, trying to decide on what to purchase before one can remort, or having to wait for an Immortal to make the transaction, etc. With this, a player can simply drop off excess money and tokens to me (Lilly), and I will make a note for the character in my database with the added funding. Thus, they are free to continue playing without having to worry about where the money does or doesn't go.

Two small notes:

1.) Monetary balances will be kept track of in amounts of GOLD only, for the sake of ease for myself. If you have heaps of silver to lay on me, this is fine, but know that I will round whatever you give me down to the nearest whole gold piece.

2.) Once you have added gold and/or tokens to this House Funding Account, it is there PERMANENTLY until used for player housing purchases. There will be no returning of these coins/tokens to the character at any time, for any reason, once I have received your deposit. The ONLY exception to this rule is in the case of players using the new BEdit system, in which case I will gladly transfer gold from a player's account to them, to use for house construction projects thereabout.

If you wish to know your current monetary/token balance, simply ask, either while I'm online or in a note, and I'll be happy to look it up for you.

Final Notes

Please have patience with me after you have submitted a Player Housing request. There's a few things I would like people to consider, on my behalf, after you've made your request:

1.) I'm one person, and we have a lot of players. Normally I'm not swamped, but there may be a queue, and I may not be able to get to your request on the day it is given, or even the same week.

2.) I'm not just the Player Housing admin. I'm also a builder, I like to play the game as a mortal from time to time, and also have an involved home life outside the Cleft. Again, there may be things that prevent me from getting to your request in a timely manner, but rest assured, as long as you have posted your note to me, I do know about it, and I will get to it.

3.) Constantly reminding me of your request is not going to get it done any faster. I'm well aware that you have paid. I'm well aware that you haven't gotten your description in yet. If I'm around and I'm not working on your Housing Request, there's an extremely-likely chance that I'm working on something else at the time that, for whatever reason, is taking a higher priority at the minute.

4.) I took this position willingly. If you're having a problem with waiting for a request to be completed, know that I could abandon this project at any time and players could go back to simply waiting "until one of the Imms can get around to it" again.

In short, please be patient once you've sent your note. I haven't forgotten about you, and it WILL get done. Pressuring me about it will put your place in the queue at risk, and I may delay it intentionally just to be a hag about it. ^_^