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Rizar Gearlock
Age: ??
Race: Reploid
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Wishborn

Gender: Male

Profession: Wishborn

Location: Truce

Personality: Calm, Serious

History: Activated when Helios scanned him near the Fountain of Truce. Actually from Earth, but was somehow sent to the Cleft of Dimensions to investigate. Unfortunately, he has no memory of his mission. He only desires to eliminate the corruption and keep the world safe.

Primary Ability: Buster Cannon

Secondary Ability: Heightened Reflexes

Tertiary Ability: Time Manipulation

Appearance: In trying to describe this man, "serious" is a word that might come to mind. His physique is very sleek and he has shoulder-length, straight, iron gray hair. His round eyes are the exact color of red roses and his body is a pale white color with no flaws. Instead of a hand, on his right arm is a stylish and sleek Buster Cannon engraved with several alien markings on both sides.

He foolishly neglected his Wishborn duties and corrupted quite quickly due to extensive power overuse. The Yoma he became was subsequently eliminated, erasing all traces of him from existence.