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Active: Year 323 - 325

Clan Status: Defunct

Founded by a man named Bluu, SeeD was a clan based on the tenets taught him by Casey Leonhart, son of Squall Leonhart from a future timeline somewhere outside the Cleft of Dimensions.

The idea of SeeD was to form a military-esque mercenary group, that would only take jobs that acted in the best interest of the established nations of the Cleft. Thereby they would do their part to bring some order to the otherwise wild world.

However, little is known about this group's activities, nor what impact they might have had. The last anyone heard of SeeD, there was some sort of in-fighting among them.

Since then, only three of their former known members, Maximus, Esto, and Stalhammer, have ever been seen. The rest are considered dead.

Known Members

Bluu - Headmaster

Maximus - White SeeD




Despa - White SeeD