Stalwart Hunters (2)

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Truce Fountain Square

July 17 of the year 323

Dryad’s Day

Seikou wanders in quietly, staff resting on one shoulder.

Variance nods to Seikou briefly, mind obviously elsewhere...

Seikou nods back to Variance, his own eyes kind of glazed. He's currently cut in a few places, but the self-repair systems are quickly fixing the wounds. He sighs and settles on a bench, eyes still dull. “'...Konnichiwa, Variance-sama.”

Variance squints as the sun invades his vision once again, grunting out a short reply in mild irritation.

Seikou sighs a little. “You had a bad day too, Variance-sama?”

“You could say that.”

“What happened?”

Variance watches the fountain go about its business, mostly to keep from looking directly into the rising sun. “Patrol went a little rougher than usual, nothing horrible. Is it too bold to ask what happened with you?”

Seikou shakes his head. “Just had a conversation with some sort of dragon-thing, and now I'm doubting the fact I even exist. Also, I got semi beaten up, but that happens every day.”

Variance shifts uncomfortably, suddenly looking a bit more distant. "Oh. Right." Perhaps it -was- too bold, but the subject was up again, and he wasn't in any condition to put it down.

Seikou shrugs. “I rather not discuss it again anyway.”

Seikou sticks his staff point-first in the ground. “I should probably patrol, but I'm so tired...”

Variance smirks slightly, digging into the ground with his own weapon. “There's nothing wrong with getting rest between rounds.”

Seikou gets up long enough to sip from the spring.

Variance reaches for one of his many canteens(water tends to be in short supply in most places), not really wishing to move more than necessary.

Seikou stands up slowly, armor clanking. “I should probably go back on patrol...”

Variance nods, almost moving to see Seikou off before something comes to him. “...I don't suppose you'd mind a little company? Not sure what I'd do for the mood, but I've found travelling alone to be a bit hard at times.”

Seikou shrugs. “Sounds good...”

Center of Rocket Town

Seikou looks at the ground. “...Nani? There's something here...”

Variance hooks into something within the outline on the ground with his spear, pulling up...

“...Wow.” Seikou gasped. “Do we head in?”

Variance nods, starting to climb into the new passage. “You might want to watch yourself here, things tend to... get a 'jump' on you.”