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Hidden Maverick Base

June 11 of the year 322

Salamando's Day

Jedo is pacing in the doorway of his busted-up lab, thinking to himself and stopping every once in a while for no apparent reason.

Why haven't any of my brethren been around? Where have they been? . . . Work is going slowly, seeing as I am the only one working on this damned building. What could be going on with them? Could something have gone wrong with the Virus?

Jedo stops pacing and runs a diagnostic test on the Virus and then runs a test on the data he has access to of Drakon and Akuma.

Nothing unusual. . . Guess I'll have to wait.

With nothing better to do, he walks back into the lab, but stops short when he hears something from behind him. He turns around, and notices a very attractive Reploid. . .

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