Sunsnug Isle

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Sunsnug Isle
Welcome to Cat Island.
Source: Monster Hunter
Builder: Cooper
Level Range: 40-50
Linked: Yes

Sunsnug Isle is an island of the sun fit snug into the sea.


Sunsnug Isle was transported into the Cleft of Dimensions through a rift, which the Elder Sages of the island believed they were responsible for. Being unable to read and difficult to communicate with, they have not been able to discern any further reasoning from the other populations of the Cleft for how they ended up here.

The rift opened and tore apart several parts of their former world, bringing them into the Cleft in a way that was not naturally how they existed in their previous world. The former world of the palicoes was in the middle of a vicious war between humans and monsters, led by the White Fatalis, a vicious beast whose express purpose was the wipe out humans, who used monsters in an unnatural and disrespectful way. The palicoes of Sunsnug Isle do not know if their previous world survived the war.


Sunsnug Isle is very small, thus the ocean itself is quite the sight. The neighboring islands are beautiful, though full of dangerous and deadly monsters. The natural topography and flora of the islands is a natural anomaly. Sunken Hollow itself is actually a subterranean cave system below sea level, yet it hasn't collapsed on itself or flooded. Primal Forest is a lush, grove-like jungle, except for the very top, which suffers from an unceasing thunderstorm, but only at the peak of the mountain.


Barrel boats are the main method of travel to and from Sunsnug Isle. These boats are small, accommodating for the palicoes who use them, but are susceptible to being easily damaged and destroyed. Since travelers have come to their island, the palicoes have begun constructing larger boats, but they still end up being barrel shaped.


The main populace of Sunsnug Isle itself are palicoes, bipedal cats capable of somewhat coherent speech. They are clever and smart, usually inclined toward either combat or commerce. As a general rule, most palicoes cannot read or write, though some have attempted to take on these vocations since their entry into the Cleft of Dimensions.

Outside of the mainland of Sunsnug Isle itself, there are another species of bipedal cat called Melynx. These cats do not get along well with civilized society as they tend to be lawless thieves. They are not capable of speech like palicoes, though they communicate fine with their own kind.

There have been other sentient creatures spotted on the neighboring islands of Primal Forest and Sunken Hollow, though their appearances are rare. Aside from these, the other inhabitants of these three islands are hostile monsters, including incredibly dangerous large monsters.

Law, Government, and Politics

The Prowler's Association operates as something of a military for Sunsnug Isle. The Association is in charge of all things related to and concerning combat training, monster hunting, exploration, and resource collection, but not distribution. They do not police the populace or regulate the economy. A single palico, known only as The Headwhiskress, is in charge of "the rest" of the regulations that The Prowler's Association does not oversee. In this regard, she fails spectacularly, as she has very little interest in such things. The results work, more or less, as palicoes are naturally inclined toward being submissive and helpful creatures, as per their lives as hunter companions before being thrust into the Cleft of Dimensions. The Melynx species are known for their thievery and lawlessness and are not tolerated by the laid-back and cooperative palicoes, thus there are none on Sunsnug Isle itself, though they can be found on the nearby islands


Have you:

Helped the boat repair cat?

Helped the utility worker cat?

Helped the library scribe cat?

Checked your mail?

Found a treasure to give to a gnarled old man?

Won first prize at Pick-a-Poogie?

The Great Explorer Luigi Says

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