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Age: ????
Race: Giganto
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Wishborn/Knights Magi

Appearance and Physiology

This giganto seems a bit... Unnerving up close. It could be the baseball bat. It could be the shaved head. Or it could be the fact he's wearing only a pink towel affixed to his waist. Regardless, he radiates the sense that he is someone not to be messed with, unless picking fights with ten foot tall mostly naked and heavily scarred giganto is something you do often.


Tyrranis' moods can swing on seemingly a whim. Educated by the wilderness mostly he prizes physical prowess highly above most other things. However, an undisclosed amount of time in a maximum security orphanage has gifted this warrior the ability to read, write, and recognize when bashing things until they bleed is not the best plan. He greatly dislikes leading, viewing himself as a flawed being mentally, and for good reason.

Short History

???: Born

???: Village destroyed

???: Wandered Cleft after destroyer of village

???: Stumbled into small farming town. Things happened. Left.

???: Interred by minimum security orphanage. Orphanage burned down.

???: Interred by medium security orphanage. Things happened.

???: Transferred to Maximum security orphanage. Escaped.

???: Lots of walking and fighting.

???: Wanders into Truce, adopts a bench as his home.

Present: Accepts deal with Kyuubey. Becomes a Wishborn.


Magical Form: Activates personal wish. Towel changes into a Hakama.

Wish Effect: When encountering a single, or marked target, Tyrranis' wish activates. If he in general is less powerful than his foe, his wish will bolster him, equipping him with plated armor. If Tyrranis in general is stronger than his foe however, his power will backlash, wounding him to even the playing field.

Barbed Reinforcing: Barbed wire generated by magic affixes gear to Tyrranis' grip, securing it and providing extra rending capabilities. Other effects also occur, such as nails driving through his bat, ect.

Radical Mending: Limbs, when broken, are forcibly returned to their correct natural positioning, and held there by shards of magical force piercing the bones and gripping them together.