Vice - Direct Approach

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Loftarasa Mountains

Seikou walks onto the peak, breathing heavily from the difficult climb. He looks around quietly. "...This is where he was before..."

Variance finally gets the chance to recuperate from the entirely too exhausting trip up Loftarasa, doing a great deal of panting himself. He still looks around alertly, not too out of it to defend himself... from nothing? "...I don't see anything."

Seikou turns to Variance and shrugs. "Vaisu can cloak himself, if I'm correct... he might still be here."

Variance nods and stands a little straighter, performing a brief gesture with his left hand. A dim light surrounds the circumference of his head around his eyes then fades, and he looks around the immediate vicinity again.

Seikou watches, curiosity clear in his eyes. Mana manipulation always interested him...

You say '...Still nothing. Either he's not here, or he's brushed up on his hiding skills.'

Seikou says '...I guess the climb was for nothing, then... Gomen nasai...'

Variance nods dismissively, still taking a few deep breaths to rid himself of the excess internal heat generated by the strenuous hike. "I wouldn't count him out so quickly. He may not be here, but we should keep our guard up, regardless."

Seikou nods, his breathing starting to return to normal. "Do we go back down, then?"

"Yeah..." Variance starts to descend, but halts abruptly, looking as if he'd forgotten something. "Though it'll be another moment or two." Seemingly out of nowhere, he places his hand firmly on Seikou's shoulder, going into another short chant...

Variance blinks and coughs a little, brow furrowing a little more as he concentrates harder...

Seikou fades out of existence.

You fade out of existence.

Seikou pauses for a moment or two, trying to figure out what just happened... then he looks somewhat happy. "That's so -cool-!"

Variance nods(though going unseen to all but himself) and only the sounds of his footsteps mark indication of his departure. "We have to move quickly..."

(( some time later ))

Maverick Hunters Headquarters

Vice walks through the front door, he has what seems like the heads of two robots in his hands. He looks around for office. "There's been a incident at Rocket Town, I believe it's your job to check it out?"

Seikou looks up and his eyes narrow as he climbs to his feet. "Vaisu..."

Variance turns and stares at the source of the oh-so-familiar voice. That's... Vice. Just -standing- there with the heads of the front door guards. He thought briefly about questioning how he could be so -calm- about it, but instead follows in Seikou's suit, taking a defensive stance.

Seikou switches on the black beamsaber, the blade shooting out of the hilt. he drops into a fighting stance...

Vice says ' I'm definitely in the mood to kill both of you tonight, but I'd figure the survivors need medical assistance.'

Seikou says '...Vari-sama, you go help the survivors. I'll capture Vaisu...'

Vice jumps over the desks and performs a dash in midair, towards Seikou's direction. "STOP THINKING SO HIGH OF YOURSELF!"

Seikou lunges in an attempt to meet Vice mid-dash, slashing with the blade. "You are a threat, and I will DESTROY YOU!"