Vice the Maverick (6)

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Breaking the Hunter

Seikou awakens slowly, eyes half-closed still, staring at the sky. "...Wha... where am I...?' he mumbles.

Vice looks over to Seikou, looking somewhat hurt still. "We're at Loftarasa Range."

Seikou immediatley sits upright. "YOU!"

You say ' Now now, don't rush into death.'

Seikou reaches behind him to find his staff gone, still probably lying in Truce Square, unless someone picked it up. He slumps as he realizes he's unarmed against Vice, and quietly asks, "...Why have you brought me here...?"

Vice looks at the hole made in his favorite cloak. "Your commander put up quite an act, you understand he's only been so close to you because you're dangerous?"

Seikou looks up at Vice and shakes his head. "That's not true. We're -partners-. We fight together."

You say ' He's a hunter, and hunters hunt us, you, me, all mavericks. I saved you from that worthless bastard you call a partner.'

Seikou shakes his head violently. "I am -not- a Maverick, and Variance knows that! He could've just killed me in Rocket Town, but he -saved- me!"

Vice walks towards Seikou, stopping a few feet before reaching him. "I went to go see how he was doing...he was training, he didn't even bother to attack and question your location."

You say ' He's given up, let it go.'

Seikou slumps further, his voice becoming weaker. "...You're lying..." he says quietly, but his voice holds no conviction.

You say ' I understand your suffering, I feel it as well. Give up posing as a worthless hunter.'

Seikou shakes his head again, slowly this time. "I am a Hunter... I will always be a Hunter..." he whispers.

You say ' Is that what you told them...the people you've slaughtered?'

Seikou closes his eyes, a tear leaking out from the shut lid. "That wasn't me..."

Vice closes his eyes and lets a sigh escape. "I was orignally made to replace the 0 unit commander, but look what I am now. You and me, we're the same, the suffering will end, just give in to it."

Seikou says '...You don't understand. When the Virus was in control, I suffered more... Because part of me was still alive, screaming to get out. I watched and hated every death I caused...'

Vice smirks. "You're naive as well, let me show you."

Seikou half-opens his eyes again and looks at Vice, a few tears still falling down his cheek.

Vice uses his left hand and moves the hair out of the way, as the hidden crimson colored eye is revealed. He stares into Seikou's eyes in complete silence, there we no need for words.

Seikou shakes his head. "You're still in conflict too..." he whispers. "You should understand how awful it feels to not be in control of yourself anymore..."

Vice looks angered by the statement. He raises his right hand and delivers a punch to Seikou's face.

Seikou falls backward, not really even bothering to try to rise again.

You say ' Stop trying to be like him!'

Seikou shakes his head. "If I broke free..."

You say ' Your suffering will end...give in to the virus.'

Seikou says 'NO! It hurts too much to watch them die...'

You say ' You are too weak to protect the ones you care about, you don't care about them?'

You say ' What about that girl, Aura...she will certainly face death sooner or later, with your current strength you are nothing.'

Seikou suddenly climbs to his feet, glaring at Vice with now-bright red eyes. "Leave Aura out of your twisted games, Vice."

Vice laughs. "That look suits you well."

Seikou narrows his eyes further. "And what the hell is -that- supposed to mean?"

Vice turns back to Seikou, now with a more serious expression on his face. "Hate me, detest me, that is the only way you'll save your friends. Your current powers are not enough."

Seikou looks annoyed at the power comment, but merely speaks, in a low tone, "I -will- destroy you, Vice, no matter what it takes."

You say ' So, have you've given up this hunter business?'

Seikou says '...I'm a Hunter... You are a Maverick. Thus, destroying you is fuffilling my job.'

You say ' I believe I hear screaming, a girl perhaps. Saying me...'

You say ' Oh, now I remember, that was last night. Too bad you were just sleeping.'

His eyes widen and Seikou steps back, looking stunned. "I... failed to protect someone?"

Vice turns his back on Seikou, ignoring his comment, he walks towards a tree, leaning on it to rest. He mumbles something under his breath "Worthless, this is taking longer than expected."

Seikou takes advantage of Vice's distraction to make a desperate dash for the path off the mountain.

Vice dashes infront of Seikou, cutting him off. "If you decide to fight it this much, you can leave, but remember, once you turn your back on me, your life ends, the same with your friends."

Seikou blinks a little at this. "...What the hell does that mean...? I can protect them."

Vice turns his back and slowly walks away. "One last thing, Variance put up quite a fight, you'll meet him in a better place."

Seikou says '...You killed...'

Seikou is unable to continue, just falling to his knees. "No..."

Vice snickers softly, while still walking away.

"NO!!!" A black aura erupts around Seikou's body, and he slowly climbs to his feet...

Vice notices the sudden surge of power erupting behind him, he turns around to the black armored reploid surrounded in a black aura. "That's more like it."

Seikou slowly turns to face Vice, the aura dimming to a mere black outline, his eyes a blazing red. "...I have nothing left to protect... I may as well fall..."

Vice extends his right arm, clearly sending an invitation to join him.

Seikou seems to hesitate for a second, then slowly takes Vice's hand...

Vice looks at Seikou. "Your suffering will end soon, very soon."

Seikou looks at Vice with hope in his eyes, looking strangely vulnerable for the Maverick he now is. "...Really?"

Vice nods as he turns around and starts to walk away. "You'll see a whole new level of power..."

Seikou says '...What am I supposed to do now...?'

You say ' Fulfil your desire, there's a town close by, near the base of the mountain.'

Seikou says '...I have no weapon... If someone tries to stop me, I am not sure what I can do.'

Vice grabs ahold of the extra beam saber on his back and tosses it towards Seikou. "It'll match your aura."

You say ' When you've had your fun, return to this area, I'll be waiting.'

Seikou nods and walks down the path, eyes strange and cold...