War Witches

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The war witches are women from Brigantes who have studied magic under Deneb. They mostly wear red or blue leather, and all of them wear a metal gauntlet along one arm, signifying their station. They have shunned the magics native to the Cleft, instead delving into foreign and even dangerous magic. Camory is their commander.

War Witch Spells [used to date]

BALUS WALL - Dissolves arrows. Only large enough to shield the caster.

BLAST ASH - Completely destroys the victim, turning them into a pile of ashes. Does not use fire to do so.

FREEZE ARROW - A long shard of ice. Can be cast as a sharp projectile or to spread a small amount of ice and frost; freezes rain in great quantities.

BLAST BOMB - Used to blow apart doors, walls, and barricades. Close-range only.

DIMIL AWRIN - Chain Lightning.

DEMONA CRYSTAL - Summons a spire of ice to jut out of the ground, which actually stays after casting.